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Aysons Reserve, Vic

S 36°26'15" E 144°49'41"

Mon 27 Feb 2006

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the river at aysons reserve

We pressed on into Victoria, stopping in FInley to dump the black and grey water and to shop. I remembered the restrictions concerning taking fruit into Victoria only after I had loaded up my trolley. Even fruit bought in Victoria and taken into NSW and then back into Victoria is theoretically banned. I asked the guy in the shop if it was OK to take his fruit into Victoria and he told me that all his fruit comes from Victoria and there is no checkpoint on the highway into Victoria.

Jean had commented that she had forgotten how big New South Wales was. I noticed when we crossed the Murray into Victoria that we had travelled 1000 km (600 miles) since we left Barraba.

We camped at Aysons Reserve where we had camped last time we came this way. This is a very pleasant, quiet, place which we share with other travellers and with the fisher folk. It is just outside Elmore and is set beside a lovely stretch of the Campaspe River which is lined with river red gums, The river is mirror smooth and the view is very calming.

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