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Sun 7 - Sat 13 May 2006

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Sunday 7th

Another cold night but the day was clear, bright and warm in the sun. I made pot of stew to keep us warm in the evening.

During the day I managed to catch up with some Inspector tests. The CDMA base station came good so I was able to talk to the candidates to do their oral tests. I was also able to get the email so I had more work to do.

Monday 8th

Another day, more jobs to do.

Tuesday 9th

Our first heavy frost of the season saw both the rainwater to the house and the external plumbing in the Motley freeze up. I couldn't put the Motley hot water heater on until the pipes thawed so we had to wait for our showers until nine o'clock. The air temperature inside the Motley got down to -2°C overnight. Getting away to Queensland seems like a better idea every day.

I spent the morning doings some small jobs and the afternoon resting.

Wednesday 10th

Another frost. We went to Inverell because one of the furniture had advertised a 20% off sale. We are looking for new armchairs but nothing we saw there or in any of the other furniture stores in Inverell satisfied all of our requirements. We had lunch and did a bit of shopping before returning to Barraba in time for afternoon tea.

When we got home I discovered that the "temporary" plumbing which supplies tank water to the kitchen was leaking. I managed to fix it by buying a brass connector the replace the plastic one I had been using.

Thursday 11h

I spent the day working on CMCA and Highway Wanderers stuff with some time off for rest.

Friday 12th

We went to the doctor to get the results of Jean's CTCT scan. She has some restriction in the gap where the nerves come out of the spinal column in her neck which may be the cause of the pain. The first option is physiotherapy. If that doesn't work it will be necessary to see a neurologist who visits Tamworth regularly. If we proceed down this path it might inhibit us from travelling to Queensland for the winter. We could do the physio in Queensland and see how it goes. We'll see.

The local newspaper revealed that the CDMA outage we had suffered last weekend was said by Telstra to be caused by rodents damage to a fibre-optic cable at the Upper Manilla telephone exchange. The article gave all sorts of phone numbers to ring to arrange an alternative service in case of urgent medical need! I can only assume they would have to recommend the purchase of a satellite phone since all landline and mobile services were cut!

Saturday 13th

More chores and more resting.

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