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Sun 16 - Sat 22 Jul 2006

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Sunday 16th

Having had only a few hours sleep overnight, I had to have an afternoon nap and go to bed early.

Monday 17th

It was still overcast and threatening rain so I had to work indoors.

I took the Motley out to get a new bottle of gas and when I came back I parked on the northern fence facing west so that the bathroom would get the benefit of the early morning sun thus minimising the chance of freezing taps in the bathroom.

Tuesday 18th

We went to Tamworth to buy some tools and materials for the bathroom renovation. While we were there we bought a new light filling for the hall which I plan to fit sometime and a ventilation fan for the bathroom.

We had lunch at the Homestead Cafe and I downloaded some more software. On the way home we visited The Warehouse to see what had happened to the entertainment unit we had put on back order. The answer was that they not got any but there was another type in stock. I decided to take that one and, as there was only one left and that was already assembled, I had to arrange for a courier to bring it from Tamworth to Barraba. It will be delivered sometime this week.

Wednesday 19th

We spent the morning doing domestic chores.

At lunchtime, we had an appointment with the solicitor to try to sort out our disagreement with Centrelink who still count our "investment" in Uncarved Women as an asset. We were given lots of advice and were left with decisions to make about how to proceed. I also talked with him about the Deed of copyright transfer the club want Ross and I to effect in regard to the Self-containment Scheme . He advised that since the transfer is of an asset, it is entirely appropriate to include conditions in the Deed that would ensure that Ross and I would remain is control of the documents of the scheme. as long as we are members of the club.

In the afternoon, I set about mending a leak in the plumbing in the Motley. The task was made particularly hard by the act that it was located at the back of the cupboard under the sink. I had to leave the job unfinished because my body wouldn't take any more contortions.

Thursday 20th

Another light frost overnight because of the clear sky but not enough to freeze the tank water supply.

I completed the work in the Motley and set to work on the next stage of the bathroom renovation. When I checked the plumbing in the Motley in the afternoon, the leak hadn't gone away. Obviously I had mended a non-fault and left the real fault there. I should know better. I'll have to go through the whole process again. Oh my aching back. Perhaps I will find it easier next time. I do hope so.

Friday 21st

The new entertainment unit was delivered in the morning. I spent most of the day getting it into the house and setting up the living room to take it. We have changed the way we use the room. We use to sit on the eastern wall and have the TV on the western wall. Because the entertainment unit is bigger than the table we used for the TV we had to put on the northern wall and put our armchairs on the southern wall, It seems to work well. The last thing I did was to find Jean's collection of owls and put them out on the top shelf of the new unit. I found my collection of echindas and hedgehogs so I put them on one of the other shelves. It is beginning to look like our house now.

I meant to work on the plumbing in the Motley but my back wouldn't let me.

Saturday 22nd

I managed to fix the plumbing in the Motley. I had trouble getting suitable parts so disconnected the water filter until I can get a new fitting.

I tried to make some progress on the bathroom renovation. I had to put some new wiring in place and drilling the holes for the cable was very hard and created so much smoke that I had to wear a mask and even so I finished up with some breathing discomfort. I finally got the new wiring in and then called it a day.

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