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Sun 23 - Sat 29 Jul 2006

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Sunday 23rd

I spent most of the day futzing. I have cleaned out a fair bit of useless software and got back a small amount of hard disk space.

I cooked roast lamb with all the trimmings for dinner. It went down very well.

Monday 24th

I spent a fair bit of the day putting book details in a new program called BookTracker. I had downloaded a program called Global Books which claimed to be able to fetch details of any books from the internet given the ISBN. It failed miserably to live up to its claims so I consigned it to the trash. I found this other program and found that it does pretty much what I want so I plan to catalogue the whole library in due course. I guess it will take much time but that's OK, time is something I have plenty of.

Tuesday 25th

I bought a folding work bench to enable me to make parts for the bathroom renovation. I also used my electric planner for the first time.

I found some enthusiasm and some physical capability and made some useful progress on the bathroom renovation. I built a new window frame and made a rebate in the wall for the shower base. Tomorrow I will be able to put the shower base in place and then I can work on the new wall linings and installing the vanity. When that's done, I'll be able to get the plumber back to finish his job. The effort left me pretty stiff and sore but I hope to be fit for more work tomorrow.

Wednesday 26th

I got the base of the shower installed and spent a good deal of time measuring up the wall lining panels. I hope to get them installed tomorrow.

I entered more books into the catalogue.

Thursday 27th

I got one sheet of wall lining cut to size and drilled for the shower fittings and installed. It took the best part of the day because I had to backtrack a bit.

In the evening, I went to a Lions Club dinner meeting.

Friday 28th

We had a surprise visit from some long time motorhomer friends. Graham, Pauline and Jedda (the dingo) were returning from a visit to Queensland and decided to come down the Fossickers Way so they called in on the off chance that we would be at home. It was lovely to catch up with them. Though we offered a site in the back garden, they felt it wouldn't be fair to Jedda so they headed off looking for a bush camp.

I veged out in the afternoon.

Saturday 29th

I did some cooking, doing an all bran cake, trying to find out by experiment, how best to cook them in the new stove. It turned out a good deal better than earlier efforts but there is a way to go yet. I also cooked a stew which was much appreciated at dinner time.

I bought some material for the bathroom renovation and got a bit more work done.

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