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Currawinya, Barraba, NSW

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Wed 27 - Sat 30 Sep 2006

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Wednesday 27th

We set of for Barraba early (just after eight o'clock) to miss the morning rush hour and to ensure that we would be home in the afternoon. We had a good run to Warwick where we stopped at MacCafe for a coffee. Unfortunately they took an age to make our coffee, probably because of the school holidays, and we were a little later than we intended getting on the road again.

We had a call from Al just before we reached Tenterfield asking that I send the iBook battery to him asap to get the replacement under the recall done. I stopped at Tenterfield Post Office and sent the battery to him by Express Post.

We stopped in Glen Innes for lunch and got away just after two. As we climbed into the hills west of Glen Innes, we were caught in a very violent but very small thunderstorm. The conditions improved and we pressed on but then we were caught in a white-out rain storm. All very exciting but alarming.

We got back to Barraba just after four which was pretty good going. The house was in good order and the garden looked good because the lawn had been mowed while we were away. We had had 10 mm of rain and the rainwater tank was overflowing again.

Thursday 28th

I had an appointment with the solicitor to get his advice about the problem we have with the CMCA concerning the signing the ownership of the intellectual property of the Recreational Vehicle Self-containment Scheme over to them.

I had heard that the Lions were working on the new picnic shelter at the Lions Rest Area so I went there. They had finished work but I chatted to a caravanner who was having morning tea in the rest area. On the way back home, I met up with a group of travellers (motorhomers and caravanners) who were parked in town and stopped to chat with them too.

In the afternoon, I did some small chores in the bathroom and some tidying up in the store room.

In the evening I had Lions Board Meeting.

Friday 29th

We had a call from Rachel saying that she was planning to take advantage of a recent change in the UK eligibility for citizenship requirements for children of UK citizens asking for Jean's place of birth and for the use of an old passport to prove her identity.

I veged out in the afternoon because I had pretty bad headache.

Saturday 30th

I was still a bit under the weather so I did some sedentary work.

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