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Thu 21 - Tue 26 Sep 2006

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Thursday 21st

We got away early (before nine o'clock) hoping to get to Brisbane before too late.

The journey was pretty much as usual except for a series of hold-ups for road works. We reached Sarah's just after five.

Friday 22nd

We went to Nundah for coffee with Al and to Al's place for lunch.

Al lent me a copy of MacOS 10.4.6 which made it easy to refresh the OS on the iBook, this being the next thing to do to try any get it back in good working order. This went well and it all came good.

Saturday 23rd

I had a list of repairs to do so I went to the hardware store to buy some supplies. The biggest job was to re-assemble a desk but I couldn't find any bolts to match the fittings on the desk so I had to shelve that job. The bottoms of the drawers in Ross's bedside chest had collapsed under the strain of too much heavy stuff so I replaced the pressed card bottoms with plywood. It took a bit of work to figure out how to disassemble the drawers but I finally devised a suitable way. This required drilling out the old dowel pegs but the batteries on Sarah's drill went flat and the charger fritzed itself so I bought a new drill as being cheaper and quicker than replacing or repairing the charger.

I also bought and fitted a new lockset for the door into the spare's room which is planned to be Max and sarah's bedroom after the next re-organization.

Sunday 24th

we all went to the Summit restaurant on Mt Coot-tha for a celebration lunch for Al's birthday and for mine. we had good food, good wine, good conversation, a little good poetry and the kids were on their best behaviour so it was a very pleasant occasion.

Monday 25th

Jean had a hair appointment in Mitchelton so we arranged to have coffee with Al who was still on holiday. Ross refused to come with us because he couldn't find his gameboy. On the way home from Mitchelton we found him walking along the street in Arana Hills headed for Mitchelton. We picked him up and took him back home with us. only to be greeted with "Did you know the front door was wide open when I got back from the gym?"

I spent the afternoon finishing the jobs I had started on Saturday.

Tuesday 26th

We took the kids out to lunch at Chermside where we had a bit of shopping to do.

On the way back to Ferny Hills, we stopped at a picture framing shop in Enoggera. The lady advised us to bring the cross-stitches that we wanted to frame so that we could make more informed choices. We did that and bought three frames. They cut glass and backing to suit and also sold me some white mounting board so that I could set the cross-stitches up properly. When we got back to Pats Rd, I did that and the kids were really impressed with their new framed cross-stitches that Jean had done for them, Dolphins for Kelly and a Dragon for Ross. We also framed a family tree cross-stitch showing all of our descendants which is to hang in Currawinya.

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