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Sun 5 - Sat 11 Nov 2006

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Sunday 5th

It started out another wet day so we stayed indoors and postponed the laundry until another day. In the event, it fined up in the afternoon so perhaps we will be able to do the laundry tomorrow.

I spent the day working on various kinds of documentation including the Highway Wanderers website.

Monday 6th

We went to Dr Sanji to get new scrips and to have her check out a lesion on Jean's head which had been worrying her for some time. Dr Sanji didn't think it was dangerous but offered to take it off anyway. She arranged to do it next Tuesday in the hospital.

Tuesday 7th

I caught up with my Lions mentor and we distributed Christmas Cakes to all the businesses who are happy to participate in the programme.

In the afternoon, I was cactus and I had to have a siesta. Later, I fired up the internet and registered Jean's new Red Hat Society Chapter, the "Aussie Wandering Red Hatters". This is the 70,901st chapter in the world and the 151st in australia. Jean is the 586,144th member of the RHS.

Wednesday 8th

In the morning, we had an appointment with our lawyer to arrange to get the documents the lawyer in Forestville is holding.

In the afternoon, I had to deal with a bad crop of weeds which were about to go to seed. I got most of them in the garbage bin before the rain came.

Thursday 9th

We went to Tamworth primarily to get access to the internet at high speed so that I could download the software updates from Apple.

We went to the Library so that Jean could get the book club book of the month. We had lunch at the Homestead Cafe and then went to Woolworths to stock up on supplies that we can't buy in Barraba.

Friday 10th

We decided to have a quiet day because we have to be up at sparrowfart tomorrow to go on a Lion's World Service Day bus trip to Armidale.

I felt pretty second rate so I veged out.

Saturday 11th

I had a bad night so I rang to say we wouldn't be going to Armidale.

I had another lay day with a spell in bed in the afternoon. The lawnmower man didn't make it because it rained on and off most of the day.

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