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Sun 12 - Sat 18 Nov 2006

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Sunday 12th

I felt a bit better but I rested up some more with another afternoon sleep.

It rained a bit so the lawnmower man didn't come again. Because of all the rain we have had, by the time he gets to do the job there will be lots of tall weeds.

Monday 13th

The improvement in whatever ailed me seemed to be continuing but I still took it very carefully.

The lawnmower man came in the morning. He said that he had been feeling "like he had been poisoned" and that there was a lot of it about. That made me feel better because it was pretty obvious that I had been suffering from some infection rather than an internal problem like diverticulitis.

Tuesday 14th

Jean had an appointment at the hospital to have a lesion on her head seen to. She thought it had gone away by itself but I insisted that she go anyway. Doctor Sanji confirmed that it had gone away and suggested that we keep an eye on it just to be sure.

I took another lay day to ensure adequate recovery.

Wednesday 15th

Another clear day which looked set to get quite warm so we went for a longish walk before breakfast.

After breakfast I got stuck into some housework which was a bit overdue and did a few small jobs that needed doing.

Thursday 16th

A very unpleasant day - overcast, windy, and cold (for November). We decided that this was a day for indoor jobs.

The weather improved a bit during the day and I got a few outdoor lobs done.

In the evening, it fined up, and we had good weather for our Lion's Ladies Dinner. We were fare-welling a couple who had been Barraba residents and Lions supporters for many,many years. It was good night with opportunities to catch up with old and new friends.

Friday 17th

Another cold night but a bright clear morning.

I got a few more small jobs done. I had to make a trifle for tomorrow's Wine Club Xmas Dinner.

Saturday 18th

In the morning I helped to mow the grass at the Lions Park Rest Area. The effort I put in represented several days walking.

In the afternoon, I finished the trifles for the Wine Club Xmas Dinner. I turned up early to help Andy and Mike set up the tables for the dinner. I returned home to change and to pick Jean up.

The dinner was a barbecue in the garden of the Backpackers. It was a very pleasant warm and clear evening and the food was excellent. There was lots of wine drunk and we all had a pretty good evening.

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