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Wyvern Park, NSW

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Mon 5 Mar 2007

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It rained quite a bit overnight and again when I was breaking camp. I just let the clothes get soaked and changed into dry stuff when I had finished.

We headed of towards Brisbane planning to spend the night at Tenterfield. When we reached Glen Innes I realised that I would have to stop so we camped up in our favourite spot on the banks of the Beardy Waters which runs into the Severn River which feeds into the MacIntyre River.

I did a bit of work on navigation and on this update then I rested up a bit. As I was gazing out over the creek, I saw a family of ducks. I tried to identify them but I couldn't find them in Slater's Field Guide. I took the spotting scope out to the bank of the creek and discovered that they were diving ducks of which there are only a few species in Australia. Having failed to identify the ducks, I caught sight of a water rat. This was a wonderful sighting as they are not common and are very shy and they were favourite Australian animals at the Zoo.

We had the last of the Sea Pie for dinner and it was delicious. There was no TV reception, even though we were less than ten km (6 miles) from Glen Innes. We watched a videotape of Fantasia. Sadly it looked a bit past it even though it has only been played a few times since it was new.

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