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Wyllie Park, Petrie, Qld

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Mon 26 - Tue 27 Mar 2007

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Monday 26th

We drove down to Petrie and stopped at Wyllie park, planning to stay there two days.

We had lunch before dealing with the wastewater. As we were preparing to set up for the stay, we had a visit from some old friends who were driving past and saw the Motley. We also met a lady who has set off on the road by herself only four days ago. We all chatted at length and we eventually got to dump the wastewater.

We drove to Ferny Hills to see the family, have a cup of tea, and get a list of jobs that need attention.

We went back to Wyllie Park for supper.

Tuesday 27th

Sarah and Kelly were both taking a sick day so we went to Ferny Hills again. On the way I went to Jaycar to buy a power lead for the iPod transmitter . Radio Motley is back on the air again. I later found that the transmitter can't charge the iPod so we still have a time limit on the use of Radio Motley. At least we now have access to several days of music when we are driving either in the Motley or in the Terios.

Jean was invited to help Kelly making doll's clothes.

I started on the the first job on the list and found I had to go to the hardware shop to get some stuff to finish the job. I realised that I had forgotten to take my drill so the job was suspended.

I faded and we drove back to Petrie to veg out.

I managed to get in touch with the caretaker of Samford Showground and arranged to camp there for the rest of the time we are staying in Brisbane.

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