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Mon 30 Apr - 3 May 2007

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photo of the for sale sign
Monday 30th Apr

Jean had gone for her morning walk past the pool which is the only remnant of the creek which runs through Cooyar and saw a platypus.

We made appointments in Brisbane for a haircut for Jean and a service for the Motley. The earliest was next Friday so we had a few days to spare before going back to the big smoke. We decided to take advantage of the invitation to visit Philip and Helene so we headed for Cooroy. The shortest route goes through a place called Peachester so we had a little adventure in the hills behind the Glass House Mountains seeing them from the back for the first time.

When we arrived at the house, we saw a For Sale sign out the front. Helene who had been happy to have a big garden when they moved here, no longer has the physical ability to do all the strenuous work needed to keep it up so they have decided to downsize.

While we were having afternoon tea on the back verandah, a big Kookaburra flew a great speed straight into the window of the office. I realised that it had seen a reflection of the outside view in the glass and thought it could fly straight through. It was quite stunned but, before I could go to attend to it, it recovered and flew off. Helene said that they had had a Tawny Frogmouth do just the same thing recently.

Helene had a lamb roast so we were invited to a nice dinner and a DVD viewing of a film called Kenny about the adventures of a guy whose job is supplying portable toilets to events. Helene thought that would be very appropriate entertainment for me with my intimate connection with black water.

Tuesday 1st May

Philip and Helene had a potential buyer looking over the house so we went to Cooroy to shop and have coffee.

Jean and I spent the afternoon resting.

Wednesday 2nd May

It was another sunny day so I did the laundry. Jean spent the morning making red and purple jewellery and hat decorations and chatting to Helene. I had planned to cook curry for the Procters tonight but Philip has had a bit of a tummy upset so I postponed it until tomorrow.

I went to town to buy the paper and some milk and had lunch at Petes Cafe. The food was OK but the service was terribly slow. I had to finish my coffee before the food came because it was getting cold. I had to prompt the waitress to bring the lemon tart I had ordered. I finally got back home at about two o'clock. I brought the laundry in before the cool of the evening set in.

Thursday 3rd May

In the morning, I went to town to do a little more shopping.

In the afternoon, Jean went for a swim with Helene. I assume that the Procters will probably have moved house before we get a chance to visit them again so this might be her last chance to use this pool.

I cooked tandoori chicken and KFP (Kurma's Fried Potatoes) and prepared banana and coconut, cucumber raita and papadums for dinner and we all had a very pleasant farewell meal.

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