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Comet, Qld

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Wed 16 May 2007

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We planned to go to the caravan park in Duaringa to charge the batteries, do the laundry, and dispose of the accumulated grey water. When we found the place it was the most un-prepossessing place we had ever seen and though the rate was only $10 we opted to press on.

We stopped for fuel at Dingo and found that they had a laundromat. We couldn't find suitable parking so we gave that a miss as well. The next place was Blackwater where we had stayed before. On the way into the town we saw a billboard advertising a laundromat so we searched it out and disposed of that chore. We found the caravan park which we had stayed in once before but decided that the $22.50 rate was a bit steep so off we went again.

There were two campsites listed in "The Book" at Comet so we stopped there. One was behind the pub and all we could find was a carpark. the other, Leichhardt's Dig Tree" looked like a picnic spot so we parked in the rest area opposite the pub, between the highway and the railway. We may have a noisy night but at least I got a break from driving.

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