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Tue 28 Aug - Sun 2 Sep 2007

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Tuesday 28th Aug

We got away pretty early (for us). We tried to get fuel at two highway fuel stations but at the first, a tanker was preventing access to the pump and at the next everyone seemed to be busy doing something instead of getting back to their vehicles and out of the way of new customers. I was a bit worried that we were cutting it fine and when we stopped at Muswellbrook, we put 138 litres into the 140 litre tank (we had enough fuel for another 20 km).

We had a call from the guy who was mending the electric heater saying that the new one was ready for collection. We stopped at Macas in Tamworth for lunch and then picked up the heater before getting on the road to Barraba.

We arrived at about half past three and found the Samins who had only just arrived home from their long trip around Queensland after the rally. We chatted to them then drove home.

After we had unloaded what we needed overnight, I backed the rig down the side of the carport and failed to realise that the hedge had grown more than a foot and I managed to run into the clothes line doing some minor damage to one of the windows and putting a small hole in the side of the Motley. Jean had been telling me what was happening but I hadn't turned the CB on and didn't hear what she was saying.

We went to the RSL for dinner and watched the lunar eclipse from the front porch.

Wednesday 29th Aug

I was up at sparrowfart to find that we hadn't had a frost overnight.

The lawn mower man won't be here till Friday so I made a path through the ankle high weeds with the whipper snipper.

I mended the hot water system so we won't have to use the Motley for showering.

I moved the Motley to the front to dump the waste water and to unload the stuff we need in the house. We both did many trips to and from and I eventually had to stop and rest. I left the Motley on the front lawn as I need to whipper snip before I move back to the regular site and I didn't have the strength to do that. I'll get it done tomorrow.

Thursday 30th Aug

I got to work fairly early. I finished moving stuff from the Motley while it was still in the front garden, I whipper snipped the Motley site and parked in the usual place.

I weeded the back garden and mended the clothes line. I was pretty well cactus so I had hot shower. Ah the bliss of unlimited hot water.

Friday 31st Aug

We were up really early to get to Tamworth by nine o'clock for a doctor's appointment. Jean had complained of chest pains and Dr Sanji had recommended a stress test and a consultation with a specialist.

The stress test proved that she has no heart problems which was very good news. The cause of the chest pains is still unexplained but at least the worst possible diagnosis has been ruled out.

We did a bit of shopping while we were in Tamworth and had lunch before returning to Barraba.

Saturday 1st Sep

Another clear and sunny day.

We started the regular walking routine again. We started easily with just 20 minutes and plan to increase this as it gets easier.

I started to organise the store room to get most of the food stock out of the kitchen and into the larder in the store room, to make room for the Lions Xmas Cakes which will arrive in a couple of weeks. and to put the wardrobe in a more convenient place. I sorted out some stuff which will have to go to the tip or to one of the Op Shops. I did a small job adjusting the overflow pipe on the water tank. I also worked out how to set up the clothes line so that it is level after the "interaction" with the Motley.

Sunday 2nd Sep

I got some more work done tidying the store room and there is only a bit to do.

In the afternoon I fell asleep watching TV so I guess I'm suffering from sleep deprivation.

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