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Mon 3 - Sun 9 Sep 2007

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Monday 3rd

Up at sparrowfart. It was a deal warmer this morning which is good news. Despite the bad winter, spring seems to have come early this year.

I got the last of the tidying done and I started on the kitchen cupboards. I need to organise a plumber before I can start the rebuild. There is a fair bit of planning to do because I must take the wall lining out to get the plumbing done and I must replace the wall lining before I install the new cupboards.

Tuesday 4th

It rained just as we about to go for our daily walk so we stayed indoors.

I had a bad day but got a bit more work done on the kitchen cupboards. The new bench tops look good but one is a few millimetres (a fraction of an inch) short. I guess I will find a way to hide that.

Wednesday 5th

It was a chilly day so I took a lay day. My big daughter rang to reminded me that it was my birthday, at my age one tends to stop counting the years so birthdays are pretty irrelevant. It was nice to be remembered. In the afternoon I had a call from my little son wishing me a "blooming marvellous day" which was also appreciated.

Jean decided to celebrate the day by cooking a lamb roast dinner for a special occasion which was really nice.

Thursday 6th

The weather was a bit better and we got out for our morning walk without warm clothes.

I started work on the kitchen cupboards getting the one that stands by itself built. I realised that I had to remove a chunk of concrete from the floor before I could install the cupboard so I had to buy a heavy hammer and a bolster. The job was much harder than I anticipated. I had to get the angle grinder with the diamond blade out and this made a tremendous amount of dust so I stopped after only a little bit was done.

In the evening I went to the Lions dinner meeting and caught up with my mates. They had been having trouble getting people to the board meetings so they had decided to hold them after the first dinner meeting each month so I wasn't home till gone nine.

Friday 7th

Spring is back, thank goodness. It was a bit cold overnight but the sky has cleared and the wind has gone. They tell me that the wind we have been having should have come in August but it didn't so we have to put up with it in September.

We did a short walk because my legs weren't up to the usual half hour. We went back to town in the Little Motley to do the grocery shopping and to visit the library.

I was pretty well cactus so I took another lay day. I got a couple of small jobs done and helped with the laundry but mostly I veged out.

Saturday 8th

The weather continues to improve and we had a pleasant walk. I had mended a shoe for Jean and had unearthed my own runners. I had much less trouble walking so I guess I can blame my shoes for the problems with ankles, knees and hips that I have been having.

I didn't feel up to a hard days work so I rested again. I hope I get better so that I can make some decent progress on the kitchen.

Sunday 9th

Another rest day. I did get some domestic chores done but no work on the kitchen,

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