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Mon 5 - Sun 11 Nov 2007

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Monday 5th

I was still a bit bushed but the glazier came to fix the window on the Motley which is now as good as new.

We did three machine loads of laundry and got it all dry before afternoon tea.

I rang GMC to remind them of my warranty claim on the broken lawn mower. They confirmed that they plan to replace the mower but they have to wait for new stock to arrive from overseas. They said it would be some time this month. Sadly the rain we have had recently has caused the grass to grow dramatically so I have a bit of a problem.

Tuesday 6th

After doing the shopping I started work on stripping the old kitchen cupboards out. I had to relocate the contents so I moved the two four drawer units into the laundry temporarily and stowed the cutlery, the crockery and the cooking tools into the drawers. I had to quit at about five o'clock because I was getting pretty tired.

Wednesday 7th

It rained overnight and it dawned another overcast day. Later the clouds cleared a bit and we had some sunshine.

I got stuck into the old kitchen cupboards and reduced them to a pile of junk. The two four drawer units are now in their right place and the corner cupboard is waiting to be assembled. The plumbing will have to be done before I can add the other cupboard with the sink. I knocked off at afternoon tea time.

Thursday 8th

I was early to work and had the new corner cupboard assembled and installed (temporarily) by lunch time. After lunch I moved stuff into their proper places so, apart from having to use the laundry sink for washing up, we are pretty well set up. I have the plumbing to do, another cupboard (under the sink) to assemble and install. When all that is done I can get the new floor covering bought and installed. I still have a wall cupboard to assemble and install and I have to finish the rangehood cupboard. but both those can come later.

I realised when I got to writing this that I had forgotten to go to the "Shed of Knowledge" which had an open day to celebrate Lions World Service Day. The Shed of Knowledge is a museum of historical Aussie country artefacts assembled by one of my colleagues in Barraba Lions. I had planned to go but the work on the kitchen had put it out of my mind until it was too late.

I took a rest break in the afternoon. I put the cricket TV broadcast on but switched it off after a few minutes because the all pervasive advertising (they even sell the advertising space on the stumps to advertisers) and the high handed behaviour of Cricket Australia who have refused accreditation to some journalists irritated me so much that I didn't want to be part of their audience. What used to be "sport" is now obviously "business" and I can choose not to have anything to do with it. I will use the remote control on the TV to mute the sound during any reports of the match and I will avoid reading any newspaper reports. I'm sure they won't even notice my boycott but it will make me feel better.

Friday 9th

Another overcast day. If it doesn't rain I'll be able to get on with the kitchen renovation.

I got a lot of the preparation work done so I will be able to get into the renovation in earnest at the weekend.

Saturday 10th

I was a bit under the weather but I got to work and did all the preparation I need to allow the plumbing to go ahead.

I had to redesign the plumbing because I hadn't allowed for the length of the tap connecting hoses.

Sunday 11th

I was up early and put in a fair bit of time going some Eco-Camping Australia work. When I came to print the stuff I had generated, the printer wouldn't talk to the MacBook so I couldn't finish the jobs. I did everything I could to resurrect the printer but to no avail. I guess I'll have to get a new printer as repairs to consumer electronics generally cost more than replacements.

I tried to get stuck into the kitchen renovation but had to review the design to ensure that I had got it right.

As we have visitors tomorrow, I had to tidy up all the stuff I had got out. The tidy up took a firm hold and I managed to get the kitchen in a habitable state by which time I was cactus. I had planned to put a piece of cloth in the fireplace in the living room so I dredged up a bit of energy and did that job. It looks much better,

The rest of the day was devoted to reading and futzing.

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