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Mon 12 - Sun 18 Nov 2007

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Monday 12th

I was up and out early to prepare for visitors. Pip and Mell came for morning tea. They are on their way to Inverell so couldn't stay. They picked up their mail which they had arranged to have sent here. John and Vicki joined us because Mell had a letter for the RSL as they are hoping to do their Barraba gig in January at the RSL rather than the Bowling Club. We were pleased to have been able to entertain the Powells and the Samins. We had a very pleasant morning.

After morning tea we went to town again. I needed a new printer so I thought to try the local Soundy's (ex Retravision) store. Trevor only had one printer in stock, an HP Deskjet All-in-One. I checked it out and it was just what I needed. It only cost half what I paid for the Brother which was a pleasant surprise. I just hope the HP lasts longer than the two years the Brother lasted.

I installed it on the MacBook and got it working OK. I printed all the stuff I had prepared yesterday and laminated the certificates and the stickers. I had to print a set of the ECA documentation for our new Inspector. I had to do a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and working at awkward angles so I got very stiff. I took it all to the Post Office and sent it off. I was pleased to have got all this work done in just three of days despite the failure of the printer.

By this time, three thirty, having had no lunch, I was pretty well bushed so the rest of the day had to be spent in the armchair or on the bed.

Tuesday 13th

I spent some time in the morning using the new HP printer to scan a whole bunch of genealogy documents into the MacBook. At mid-day I got back to the kitchen renovation and I stopped for lunch at four o'clock. The courier delivered the replacement lawn mower so I'll be able to start a new programme of mowing. The grass is already about 10 cm (4 inches) high so it will be a monster job. I just hope the new mower which is a newer model that the original one survives to do the job for a few years.

After lunch I got back to the scanning and got most of it done. Trying to organise the scans in iPhoto I found that my copy of IPhoto is very buggy. I can't create new albums and I can't access keywords. I also notice that the "new" user interface based on events is much less friendly than the iPhoto I am used to. Trying to retreat to an earlier version threw up a message saying "You can't uses this version because a newer version exists" or words to that effect. I feel that Apple's software standards have become much more like Microsoft since earlier times which is a great shame.

Wednesday 14th

I got out early (well eight thirty which is really early for me) and mowed the front lawn. It once again looks "cared for". I had to dispose of many, many catchers full of grass cuttings because the grass had grown so much since the previous mower died. The new mower is pretty good. I just hope it survives.

I need to do the next tasks in the kitchen in the morning so I spent the afternoon mowing the back yard. I didn't get it all done but it looks better and I will be able to finish it quite quickly. That will leave the back paddock which will be very challenging as most of it has grown from what was previously un-mowed. It will get done eventually by which time I'll probably have to start from the beginning again like the Harbour Bridge.

Thursday 15th

I slept in till seven o'clock and awoke to a bright sunny day.

I got the remaining cupboard built and prepared the top for cutting out the sink aperture.

In the evening I had Lions dinner meeting. We installed two new members which was exciting. Even though we are an ageing population, we maintain our recruitment so the club will continue to do all its good work.

Friday 16th

I was suffering from yesterday's efforts with a wrist that didn't want to do any work.

I got some jobs done, including emptying the Motley waste water tanks, but I didn't get the kitchen sink installed.

Saturday 17th

I strapped my wrist and got back to work on the kitchen. I fitted the sink to the benchtop and all is now ready for the plumbing connetions.

The work left me tired and sore so I took a late afternoon rest in bed.

Sunday 18h

I got more work done. The new kitchen is now fully operational. It looks good and works well.

I have to do some work on the wall linings before I can install the rangehood and the overhead cupboard. Then I have to renew the floor covering.

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