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Mon 26 Nov 2007

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Monday 26th

I had an appointment in Tamworth to have an Exercise Stress Test. It certainly stressed me with my pulse rate going up to 160 b/min and my blood pressure going up to 220 mmHg. The doctor detected some changes in the ECG with the stress. He was surprised that I have no physical symptoms of ischemia (no pain of any kind). I had several blood tests to see if their is anything wrong. He wants me to have an angiogram to reveal the state of my coronary arteries. That should happen before Xmas so we'll know if anything needs to be done soon. I guess there are three possibilities, have a bypass operation, have a stent fitted, or do nothing. I'd like to think that the third is the most likely and the second comes second. I can't believe that I need a bypass with no physical symptoms but who knows. One of my friends had an sudden angina attack while mowing the lawn a couple of years ago, went to his GP who sent him to the cardiologist who put him straight into hospital and did a quintuple bypass. He recovered remarkably quickly and is once again 100% fit so it's not to be sneezed at. I nevertheless think I'm not headed there.

We did some shopping and had lunch at the Homestead where I downloaded the latest Apple software updates. The MacBook went into some kind of fit of pique so I had to close down before I had a chance to upload the latest posting to the website.

In the afternoon I got a call from Mell who was worried because she hadn't been able to talk to John about a small task he was doing for her. We called on John and Vicki and found John suffering from some kind of nasal infection which is causing him a lot of trouble. He is booked in for a CAT can tomorrow while Vicki is having day surgery. We hope they will both get better soon. The task John was doing for Mell had been done and I called Mell back to confirm that.

Tuesday 27th

I did another shift selling raffle tickets this time with my mentor Ron. We did pretty well considering it was Tuesday. Jean did the laundry while I was out.

In the afternoon I mowed the front lawn and half the back yard after which I felt bushed. I veged out and fell asleep in the armchair.

Wednesday 28th

I didn't do raffle tickets today because the glazier came to replace the frosted glass in the living room windows with clear glass. We now have a clear view of the street even if the windows are closed which is a great improvement. Jean is much happier now she feels connected to the outside world. I also find the room more pleasant now.

With the window glazing done I had to refit the window with the repaired sash weights. It's been more than two years but it is now done.

Thursday 29th

I didn't get a lot done today. I did find some gaps in the iTunes library and ripped the missing tracks from the CDs.

In the evening I had Lions dinner meeting. We had a barbecue with some very nice prawns, both cold and barbecued with garlic and with chilli sauce, very yummy.

We had our two doctors Gunasekera as guests which was very pleasant. Sanji was surprised to find that our Lions Club is an all male affair. She thought such things were well in the past. I mentioned that we Barraba Lions all live well in the past.

Friday 30th

When I got up I thought it was ten to seven. Ten minutes later Jean got up and I found it was nine o'clock. I had promised to work on the raffle ticket stand so I had to eat, bathe, and dress quickly. I was on duty at half past nine. There were not a lot of people in town so we knocked off at half past eleven.

Saturday 1st

I did another shift selling raffle tickets in the morning.

In the afternoon I did some more work on the kitchen cupboards.

Sunday 2nd

I did the laundry.

In the afternoon I veged out in front of the TV watching the last round of the V8 Supercars from Phillip Island.

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