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Mon 19 - Sun 25 Nov 2007

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Monday 19th

We had our first Lions Xmas Tree raffle ticket selling day today. I worked with my mentors, Ken and Ron, and we had a good time selling nearly a hundred tickets of the three thousand we need to sell by Xmas Eve and one Xmas cake.

I took to my bed again after lunch and got up in time to cook a light meal and watch the evening TV.

Tuesday 20th

We had a short rain storm last evening. That will just cause the weeds to grow. I got out early and did a half hour of mowing. The mower complained before I did because the grass was wet and had clogged the blade housing. The grass is so long that I will have to do many more days before I get the back paddock all done.

I got some small jobs done. One was changing a single GPO for a double. I had to go and buy a new tool to do the necessary adjustment to the hole in the wall. In the afternoon I cooked some curry.

Wednesday 21st

It being Jean's birthday, we went to Tamworth to do a little shopping and to have a celebratory lunch at the Thai Restaurant we had used last year for this celebration. The lunch was very nice.

We were both pretty bushed when we got home because we had imbibed too much sparkling wine so Jean took a nap.

As well as lunch, Jean had birthday phone calls from all her children and from one of her oldest Australian friends so she felt that her birthday had been well celebrated.

Thursday 22nd

Another stint selling raffle tickets and Xmas cakes from nine till twelve thirty.

In the afternoon I took time out.

Friday 23rd

We weren't able to sell raffle tickets because the ladies had a street stall.

Because I had arranged for the glazier to replace the frosted glass with clear glass, I started to work on the missing sash weight on one of the windows. When I got the window out, I found that the missing sash weight was just jammed at the top of its travel. I will have to replace the sash cord but I decided to wait until the glazier has changed the glass before I put the window back.

Saturday 24th

We sold raffle tickets and Xmas cakes until twelve o'clock.

We voted before lunch.

I had a short working bee at the Lion's shed in the afternoon and veged out in front of the TV for the rest of the day.

We were captivated by the election night broadcast and stayed up till very late. I don't expect to get what I want from elections but having a Labour Government and having John Howard ousted was very, very good.

Sunday 25th

I was rostered on to do mowing at the Lions Park. We got it all done in about an hour. I was knocked about a bit so the rest of the day was spent veging out.

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