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Mon 7 - Sun 13 Jan 2008

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Monday 7th

Another foggy morning. It fined up later and turned into a warm, bright, sunny day.

We had morning tea with Pip'n'Mell and tidied up the documents I had been revising for them. They seemed pleased with my efforts.

I spent most of the day working on the Highway Wanderers website.

We had happy hour on the front verandah. Pip said he was worried that he was having trouble driving out of their site even without the "Ensuite" attached because of the wet grass. I suggested that they move onto the Motley site where the risk of getting rained in would be negligible.

I moved the Motley out into the street and Pip moved the Icecream Van onto the Motley site. I put the Motley on "their" site planning to move back after they leave to go south.

Tuesday 8th

The day turned quickly into a hot one so I veged out again. I did a bit of maintenance on the data on the MacBook.

We entertained Pip'n'Mell at happy hour.

Wednesday 9th

Another bright and sunny day which looks like it will turn out hot again. I had morning tea with Pip'n'Mell at the Icecream Van and filled the Motley fresh water tanks.

We had a pleasant happy hour on the front verandah.

Thursday 10th

It was quite warm overnight only getting down to 21°C (70°F). Summer has come but the longer range forecast is for rain well into March so we will have to wait and see.

We had a very busy happy hour at the Samins because Jim and Denise Wright had arrived to stay at the Samins to attend Pip'n'Mell's gig tomorrow. We took Pip and Mell in the little Motley because they both suffer if they walk too much. We all chatted a lot and drank some. We broke up at about six o'clock promising to meet again tomorrow for morning tea,

In the evening I had a Lions Dinner Meeting. One of our new members was so amused by the backchat that he said he wished he had joined us long ago.

Friday 11th

We had the Samins and the Wrights down at our place for morning happy hour. Pip and Mell pulled out to go and set up at the Bowling Club in preparation for their gig tonight.

In the evening, we all went to the Bowling Club to be part of the audience for Pip'n'Mell's gig. The music was wonderful, the booze was copious and we chatted a lot with the locals. Jean and I took the opportunity to join the Bowling Club so we will have another place to go for company. Later in the evening, I filled in a break in the music to give John a birthday present, a Lions Xmas Cake, and to give Mell an unbirthday present. She had been most attracted to Jean's new Kitten which sits in our living room with Pup which was given to us in Barcaldine in 2002 so we bought her one of her own. She says that it will sit on the dashboard of the Icecream Van.

I also recited a Rudyard Kipling poem called The Road-Song of the Bandar-Log.

Here we go in a flung festoon,
Half-way up to the jealous moon!
Don't you envy our pranceful bands?
Don't you wish you had extra hands?
Wouldn't you like if your tails were -- so --
Curved in the shape of a Cupid's bow?
Now you're angry, but -- never mind,
Brother, thy tail hangs down behind!

My story was that The Bandar-Log were a troupe of Indian monkeys aka Andrew Symonds who had some trouble with a tiger aka Harbhajan Singh. If Symonds had recited the poem to Harbhajan when he had called Symonds a monkey, Harbhajan would have had to slink off with hits tail between his legs. I got a good laugh from the crowd.

We didn't get home till midnight.

Saturday 12th

I hadn't been able to mow the lawn while Mell was with us because it could have cause an asthma attack. I found enough enthusiasm in the morning to mow the front lawn. I'll have to get to the back yard soon.

The day was quite hot so most of the day was spent resting though I did get a couple of simple tasks done.

Sunday 13th

I got out early to mow the back lawn but it was still wet with dew so I sprayed for weed instead. This had a bonus as I can't mow the lawn for two days!

I started work on the kitchen renovation but ran out of new material so I only got a bit done.

It was very hot so we retreated to the Motley and veged out in the comfort of an airconditioned space for the afternoon.

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