Currawinya, Barraba, NSW

S 30°22'45" E 150°36'18"

Mon 14 - Sun 20 Jan 2008

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Monday 14th

It was very warm but rained a bit overnight. The morning was bright and clear. I went shopping but couldn't buy the material I need for the kitchen renovation in Barraba so I will have to go further afield tomorrow.

We entertained Vicki to morning tea. John has had to go to Rockhampton for the funeral of an old friend but Vicki has to go to Newcastle for medical appointments later in the week so she stayed at home.

In the afternoon I did a few small jobs while we veged out in the airconditioned comfort of the Motley.

Tuesday 15th

The day was a bit overcast but still very warm. I had arranged for the Greengrocer to get me a 20 kg (44 lb) bag of carrots for juicing. It took the best part of an hour to juice just half the bag but I got 4 litres (1 gal) of pure carrot juice. It is common practice to mix the carrot juice with other fruit and vegetable juices so I bought some apple and orange juice (our local IGA doesn't stock such exotic products as apple juice) and made a very pleasant 50/50 mixture.

I wanted to get out and do the mowing but the sun came out and it got much too hot. I did a short stint digging out catheads which hadn't died from the spraying but only a few minutes of that saw me absolutely knackered.

Wednesday 16th

The day was overcast with a moderate breeze so I got out the lawn mower and did most of the back yard. I got quite hot but was otherwise OK.

After lunch I did a bit more work on the kitchen renovation. By this time it was raining and I was wringing with sweat so I took a another break.

Thursday 17th

Another wet day. I had planned to fix the wall lining in the kitchen but the rain made that impossible. I did a few indoor tasks and watched cricket and tennis on TV.

Friday 18th

The rain hadn't gone away so I couldn't work on the kitchen or mow the last bit of the back yard. Jean had planned to do the laundry but the weather made it too hard to get it dry so it will have to wait for another day. I did search for some hardware to make an indoor clothes line but I couldn't find anything suitable.

The rain eased off and I got stuck into the kitchen renovation. I got the wall lining cut to size and I fixed all the problems with the wiring. This took me several hours so I was a bit jaded by time I got to sit down for a late afternoon tea.

Saturday 19th

It was overcast again in the morning so no laundry or mowing today perhaps! It rained most of the afternoon.

I got the wall lining in the kitchen installed.

The cricket and the tennis were pretty boring so I watched James Morrison "Blowing His Own Trumpet".

Sunday 20th

The weather hadn't improved. We will have to do the laundry somehow sometime soon.

I found that the carrots left over from last Tuesday had all gone off so I had to ditch them. I found a few carrots in the fridge so I made some more juice with carrots, celery, and apples. I guess I'll have to buy carrots in smaller quantities in future.

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