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Mon 10 - Sun 16 Mar 2008

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Monday 10th

Another clear bright morning. I got some more petrol and finished the mowing of the back lawn. I did about an hours mowing and my heart rate got up to 84 bpm. I had absolutely no symptoms of heart trouble.

I still haven't figured out how to get the back paddock in order. I priced a brush cutter but it was too expensive for what should be a one off job. I'll try and get someone with a slasher to do it then keep it down with the mower. I also have to attend to some weeds which are creeping into my next door neighbours yard.

In the afternoon I got the line trimmer out and set to work tidying up the stuff the mower missed. I had to buy a new line reel to get it to work. Another hour of work saw about half the trimming done.

Tuesday 11th

We had to go to Tamworth to see my specialist and to get Jean's CT scan. We had planned an anniversary lunch but the CT scan needed two hours fasting so that wasn't possible.

There was a problem with the appointment for the CT scan as Castlereagh Imaging decided that they couldn't do the scan so they transferred it to Tamworth Base Hospital.

I dropped Jean there before going to my specialist. He was very pleased with my progress as my blood pressure was good and I had had no symptoms even when I had worked hard. He asked me to see him again in three months.

When I got back to the hospital, Jean was still waiting. She finally got called and was out in a few ,minutes but they asked her to wait for an hour before leaving to ensure she would have help if the contrast medium caused a problem. All was well and we got home at five o'clock.

In the evening, we went out to dinner to mark our wedding anniversary. I chose the Chinese Restaurant at the Bowling Club as the had changed hands since our pervious, unhappy visit. The food was pretty good and we celebrated with a bottle of Mateus Rose.

Wednesday 12th

Another lovely day. I did the shopping and some gardening chores. Jean wanted the pomegranate tree in the front garden trimmed back so I got out the secateurs and the saw and cut a lot of it out.

I cooked a yummy dinner and we had some more Mateus Rose left over from yesterday's celebration.

Thursday 13th

Another glorious day. I slept in and didn't get into town until half past ten.

Our next door neighbour, Dave, had seen the debris from my trimming of his apple tree and the pomegranate and took all the stuff from both trees to the tip for us for which we were most grateful.

After lunch I set to work and built and installed the last of the kitchen cabinets. It was quite a hard task as it weighed many kilograms and was installed high on the wall above one of the kitchen benches. When I had finished several hours later I had to veg out.

Friday 14th

We went to the library when we were in town. Jean found a book for me by Lynne Truss, author of "Eats, Shoots and Leaves". The book is "Talk to the Hand, The Utter Bloody Rudeness of Everyday Life". It goes well with my collection of "Mumbo Jumbo" which includes "How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World - Francis Wheen", "Death Sentence - Don Watson", "Doublespeak - William Lutz", and "Chronicles from the Planet Business - Barry Gibbons".

I fitted a new fluorescent light fitting in the kitchen. The old one had started making a "dangerous" noise each time it was switched on. The new one came with a tube broken in half so I had to go back to the hardware store to get a replacement.

Saturday 15th

I spent most of the day doing filing clerk work to get my filing cabinet in some sort of order.

Sunday 16th

It was fine and hot again today.

I spent some time finishing the tidying up of the filing system. The Australian F1 Grand Prix took my attention for some time.

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