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Mon 17 - Sun 23 Mar 2008

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Monday 17th

It was still quite warm overnight and the day dawned bright and a little cloudy.

I got to clean the windows and get rid of a lot of cobwebs.

Tuesday 18th

I tried to get a pink slip for the Terios so that I can register it in NSW but I found that because the registration would be a transfer from interstate I would have to get a blue slip only available locally from Manila, Bingara or Tamworth. Perhaps I will have to defer the transfer to NSW registration until another time.

Vicki Samin visited for morning tea and remarked that she sometimes has similar episodes to Jean's recent attack of vertigo and nausea but she takes simply stemetil and the symptoms go away.

Wednesday 19th

Jean went to a new hairdresser for a trim. She says she will see if the cut was OK when she next washes her hair.

Jean had an appointment to see the doctor to get the results of her angiogram. The news was all good. There was a slight abnormality in the right cerebral artery which was slightly narrow. This was seen as a congenital condition and over seventy years of use had not shown any problem. As the symptoms had gone away entirely, the doctor agreed with Jean that she didn't need to take the clopidogrel recommended by the specialist. It was agreed that we should simply keep an eye on it and report any recurrence of the symptoms.

In the afternoon I did some work for Eco-Camping Australia, trying to do a self-containment certificate for one of Ross's clients. I found that I had to upgrade the process and that took a fair amount of time.

We had a Lions dinner meeting. This was nomination day, The Board Nominations Committee nominated me for the post of Director. Despite protestations that the newer members were not sufficiently forthcoming, they nominated one of the "old timers" for the post of Secretary even though I had suggested that I would be happy to take on the job. I volunteered for the Secretary position thus forcing an election, the only one required as all the other nominations were unopposed. We will see what happens at the election meeting in early April.

Thursday 20th

Jean had an appointment at the optometrist in Tamworth. We went early as I had a fair number of things I needed to do.

We went to APIA to see if we could save some money on the house insurance. We were attended by a very nice lady who put in place all that we needed for $10 a month less than our existing insurance,

We had parked outside a florists which Jean had thought was where the daughter-in-law of one of her friends worked. I decided to make up for the "unromantic" anniversary by buying a bunch of roses. I was a bit taken aback when the gesture didn't work and I didn't get any brownie points at all.

We planned to have our anniversary lunch at Jack Style, our favourite Thai Restaurant in Tamworth, but they were shut so we had a scratch lunch at the Homestead.

Jean's visit to the optometrist was a success. Her eyes have one change a little bit since her last new glasses and she found a frame which she liked a lot more than her old one.

We went to Woolworths to stock up on the stuff we can't get in Barraba. The young fellow at the fish counter was stupid and served a queue jumper before me so I just walked away from him without buying anything.

We didn't get home until just before six o'clock and had a light supper and early to bed.

Friday 21st

It started out fine but we had a very light shower in the afternoon

I spent most of the day futzing. I download Drupal and the Drupal Handbook. When I read the handbook, I realised that Drupal wasn't appropriate as a vehicle for updating the website. I'll keep looking for a new piece of software.

I did the first phase of the preparation on a trifle for a party we are going to tomorrow.

Saturday 22nd

I got the front lawn mowed while it was still quite cool. It wasn't a big deal because the grass hadn't grown much during the recent dry spell.

After lunch I finished the trifle.

We went to a surprise birthday party for Lion Chris organised by his lady friend, Andrea. It was a happy affair with lots of people, mostly friends and family some of whom came from far away. Despite a bit of rain, it was a very successful affair which everyone seemed to enjoy. My trifle went down well.

Sunday 23rd

A lay day.

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