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Somerset Dam, Qld

Fri 19 Feb 1999

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With a little time to spare before we had to be in Brisbane, we headed north from Toowoomba along the ridge to Hamilton and then down the east face of the mountains into the Lakes Country.

We stopped overnight in a camping ground just below the Somerset Dam on the banks of Lake Wivenhoe.

There was only one other caravan there when we arrived so we parked at the other end of the site and settled in for a beautifully isolated and peaceful evening. With the lake on one side and wooded hills on the other and all kinds of birds all around, we enjoyed the beauties of nature without having to share with anyone.

That is, until a couple of hours after dark when a whole squadron of campers turned up, set up a few hundred metres (a few hundred yards) away and proceeded to fill the night with squeals and screams and shouting. They eventually stopped at about 1am. In the morning we saw that they were boy scouts from somewhere in Brisbane presumably on a weekend camp. So much for our idyllic bush camp.

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