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Lake MacDonald, Qld

Sat 13 - Sun 14 Mar 1999

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Wide Bay Wanderers Chapter Meeting

We drove Camp Cooroora on the shores of Lake MacDonald near Cooroy.

The Wide Bay Wanderers were having their regular chapter meeting there so there were about 60 motorhomes on the site. With so many people, it was hard to meet them all but we did meet some new people and we had a pretty good time.

Most left the rally on Sunday but we stayed on until Monday with a couple of other vehicles and we had a really good session tapping into other peoples knowledge of free camping sites in Queensland.

We also met the newly elected President of the Highway Wanderers and his wife. They are long time Highway Wanderers who are just about to move into a new property hereabouts. They were both charming and friendly and left us an open invitation to visit.

We talked about the problems of collecting and distributing information to members and I volunteered to do a presentation about the use of computers and the Net to the Highway Wanderers rally in Nanango in April

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