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Hervey Bay, Qld

Mon 15 - Fri 19 Mar 1999

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Monday 15th

Heading north, we stopped for lunch at Gympie, went to Howard to investigate the purchase of a solar panel from the local experts and on to Hervey Bay to stay for a few days.

Tuesday 16th

Laundry day.

Wednesday 17th

The caravan park we selected is right on the beach at Scarness facing north into the Bay. At high tide there is good fishing and good swimming. We spent a lazy day doing some of each.

Thursday 18th

We went to Howard to collect the solar panel. The panel is a pair of 64 watt Unisolar units which theoretically can provide over 50 amp.hours on a good day. I chose a portable unit because it is only needed when we are stationary, it allows better orientation to the sun, it can be packed away when not in use. It can be roof mounted later if I change my mind.

On our return to Hervey Bay I started the installation work.

Friday 19th
Picnic trip to Fraser Island
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