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Coolum Beach, Qld

Sat 20 - Fri 26 Mar 1999

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Intending to return to Brisbane briefly before setting off to Townsville, we headed south.

A visit to Raja's Asian Grocery Store in Tewantin allowed us to restock with essential curry spices. The proprietor was kind enough to say that he remembered me from my last visit in September. I don't suppose he has many customers who spend as much a I do just on spices.

We spent a week in Coolum Beach doing little except walking, reading, eating and sleeping. The weather was pretty ordinary only becoming really good on Friday.

I celebrated the equinox with a haircut.

I finished the installation of the solar panel and did some realistic tests. With no cloud, it produces a little over 10A for several hours. With cirrus cloud cover with no strong shadows, it produces over 5A. With cumulus clouds, it produces less than 2A.

Perhaps the claim of 50 per day will be realised. I believe we can now bushcamp for extended periods without resorting to driving around as long as the weather stays fine.

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