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Carters Ridge, Qld

Sun 19 - Fri 24 Sep 1999

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We returned to Carters Ridge with the Procters.

They had grandchildren staying for a few days. We played games, made shanghais and flew kites and were greatly relieved when their mother turned up to take them home. One tends to forget how exhausting a family of kids can be.

I cooked curry for Helene who had not eaten Indian food before. I made it very mild and she said she liked it. Philip certainly did as he went back for seconds.

Philip had ordered the computers for the Chapter and I promised to stay to help him set them up.

The gear arrived on Thursday evening so Philip and I spent the best part of Friday and Saturday setting up an Acer Laptop which came with Windows 98 and nothing else.

We transferred all of Philip's Chapter data together with Office 97 using Zip drive sneakernet. The Canon BCJ2000 printer really was plug and play and the Canon Scanner also. Learning how best to use the scanner was another matter.

Philip had bought a Nokia cellphone and the Nokia Data Suite which installed OK. He had to talk to Optus about the ISP stuff but all went well.

Jean and Helene took the opportunity while we were heads down to go to Eumundi markets. They came back full of stories and purchases.

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