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Tue 26 Oct - 17 Nov 1999

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We spent some time in Sydney catching up on things which needed to be done.

The first thing was to get OLK400 back on the road. It is now WHB490 and, apart from the clutch, is in good nick.

The house needed new cistern and gyprock in the toilet, painting the outside window frames, minor repair to the wall in the lounge room which had suffered when the gutters used to overflow.

Some of this we can do (I have replaced the cistern) and some we plan to sub-contract out. Painters and plasterers are coming in mid December.

We talked to the Real Estate Agents seeking advice about when to sell and how much to do by way of presentation. It seems to be agreed that it is not sensible to spend significant amounts of money as it may not be returned in increased price. Good presentation, however, is important to attract potential buyers. This seems to mean that the front garden should be spickened up.

We started on the arrangements for Rachel's wedding.

We had a very pleasant lunch with Jan and Richard Fitzhardinge in Bellevue Hill.

Rachel and Jeremy had said that they wanted the ceremony at Nielsen Park so we went there to sus it out. Its a pleasant place but the nominated site is quite small and out of sight of the sea. The car park is small and well used, particularly on fine summer weekend evenings. We also visited Bellevue Park which has nice views over Bondi Beach and the harbour but is a bit run down, and Cooper Park which is also busy and has little parking.

As we will be out of town for the most part, Jan has kindly agreed to be the liaison person between Rachel and the caterers.

We also visited the doctor, the dentist, and the dermatologist for regular check-ups.

The screen for my PB1400 has arrived in Dubbo. Unfortunately, it has been sent back to Apple in Sydney. I took the machine in to the new Apple Centre in Dee Why and the outcome is that the original quoted price of $600 has escalated, first to $900, and now to $1300. The early quotes were ill-informed. I have decided to buy a beautiful new iBook.

I also mended the Flymo so there is now no excuse for the grass to grow, well not many excuses.

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