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Tue 5 - Tue 19 Dec 2000

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Tuesday 5th

We left Sherwood Forest at mid day after an extended morning tea.

After buying some spares at Camec at Acacia Ridge, we arrived at Patricks Road at afternoon tea time. The Marretts were out so we mad ourselves tea and awaited their return.

Supper was fish'n'chips. The fish shop at Arana Hills has been sacked for less than excellent quality as the ownership seems to have changed hands. Row Boats at Ferny Hills is still excellent.

Wednesday 6th
photo of Ross at his favourite pastime

The ladies had a scrapbooking workshop at Patricks Road. Jean enjoyed herself so much that she ordered the whole kit. I guess I'll have to re-organise the storage in the Motley a bit to adapt to the new hobby. It will be good to get her photos organised and documented and perhaps we'll get some storage space back with all the don't-need-to-keep photos gone!.

I did some work on the website in the morning and Charlie, Ross and I went to the park for lunch. Ross was in his element with two grandfathers to push the swings and lift him up to the other things in the playground.

In the evening, we all went to school for the Carol night. The children sang and danced very sweetly but the community carol singing was rather drowned out by the squeals of excited children running around the playground.

Thursday 7th

Laundry day. As it was a nice and sunny day we took it to Patricks Road.

Friday 8th

Sarah and Ian were having a day out by themselves so we went to Westfield Plaza at Chermside to do a little Xmas shopping. Who should we meet in the Dymocks cafe but - Sarah and Ian!.

I found a Telstra Shop and discovered that Qualcomm have a data connection kit for the CDMA mobile which is said to be Mac compatible. For some reason I had to pay up front and have it delivered to Patricks Road. If there's a problem I suppose I can always drive the Motley into the shop. We''ll see.

Saturday 9th
photo of Noah

We had lunch at Cafe Zannetti with the Marretts and Ross, Marie, Lily and Noah.

He's such a good baby, always smiling and taking notice with ne'er a cross word or look. he really liked Dog.

Afterwards we all returned to Patricks Rd for photo viewing and a barbecue tea. Very pleasant.

Sunday 10th

The Ferny Hills community had their Xmas carol service in the local park today.

The swimming pool was open free so the Marretts went to the park at about 3 o'clock. Charlie walked down and we took the chairs, rugs and picnic tea in the Motley.

The carol service was quite disappointing as the sound system didn't do justice to the choirs and the individual performers chose quite inappropriate material.

The fireworks at the end of the show were really very good and largely made up for the rest.

Monday 11th

The mail arrived today. Nothing startling but some will need to be sent on to Rachel.

The Qualcomm connection kit arrived. It is set up for Wintel machines, of course. I'll have to get the appropriate driver, if it exists, from the USA. I'll also have to use the Garmin or Canon leads to adapt the 15pin D connector to the serial port on the USB adapter!!!. Perhaps it will all come true. On the other hand this might just be another example of the leper status of Mac users.

Tuesday 12th

To Patricks Road to cook the Xmas cake.

Jean had an appointment with the GP in the evening to discuss the results of the endoscopies. . As previously reported, all is well. She has to go to the Pathology Centre tomorrow for some blood tests to check up on the diabetes. The GP seemed to think that numbers up to 10mmol/l are quite OK.

Wednesday 13th

Sarah had a school dinner and Max was working in the evening so we did babysitting duty at Patricks Road.

Thursday 14th

Lay day and laundry day.

Friday 15th

We spent the afternoon at Patricks Road.

Saturday 16th

Lay day at Aspley.

Sunday 17th

The Marretts went to Mudgeeraba for the day so we spent the afternoon at Patricks Road doing stuff made easier by the lack of children, icing the Xmas cake and starting work on the Highway Wanderers flag. I discovered that this job would be much easier if I bought a new length of black poplin so I plan to go to Spotlight tomorrow.

Monday 18th

We went to Spotlight in the morning. Jean had an appointment at the hairdresser in Ferny Grove at midday. We spent the afternoon at Patricks Road baby sitting the kids.

Tuesday 19th

Sarah wanted to move the furniture including dresser and the tall bookcases so we had quite a large task ahead of us. The dresser wasn't too hard but we left the bookcases for the morrow.

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