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Tue 26 Feb - Mon 4 Mar 2002

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Tuesday 26th Feb

We moved to Lawnton Showground because we had used up our 48 hours and because there was a domestic in the park last night which encouraged us to find somewhere quiet to stay. The showground at Lawnton is a bit run down but it has power, water, shade, and is far from the road. It is also cheap!.

We went to Patricks Rd and were immersed in Sarah's latest scheme. She wants to get rid of the carpets in the upstairs bedrooms, a thoroughly good idea as they harbour fleas and have been peed on by the cats a number of times.

The first step required relocating the computer system into the dining room without any significant interruption to the internet connection. This required fitting a temporary phone outlet in the dining room.

Wednesday 27th Feb

We had to empty all the scrapbooking stuff from computer room stacking it in the front of the living room.

The carpet came up easily enough and removing the nails and staples was really easy compared with my experience at Bluegum Crescent which required many hours of painstaking work to get all the staples out leg by leg. When we reached the floor boards, we found that the cat pee had stuck the underlay to the floor so the three of us spent the best part of two hours scaping, washing and scrubbing. When we had finished we were pretty well shattered but the room looks really good.

Thursday 28th Feb

We moved the kid's furniture into the back room, a job which required a little work to find the best arrangement. We then set about their old room, removing the carpet and the nails and staples without too much trouble. The floor only needed vacuuming and we were able to move Sarah's furniture in.

After yesterday's hard work, we were comparatively fresh so we took up the carpet in the third room before we stopped. It all looks a great deal better, the kids are stoked with their new room, and its all done before the Steve Tollhurst arrives next week for a visit.

Friday 1st Mar

We celebrated the hard work of the last three days at Cafe Zanetti. Al , Ross and I went back to Patricks Rd to rest while Jean and Sarah went shopping at Brookside.

I spent some hours adding more new information to the chapter database. We have now had about ninety replies and there has been a significant number of new addresses.

Saturday 2nd Mar

Up late and determined to do as little as possible as I feel a sore throat coming on.

We went to Patricks Rd in the afternoon and stayed for dinner.

Sunday 3rd Mar

We had a lazy morning and, in the afternoon, took Sarah to Cafe Zanetti to celebrate her birthday.

Monday 4th Mar

We spent the afternoon at Patricks Rd doing minor chores.

While tidying up our scrapbooking gear, I found the originals of the family portraits which I borrowed from Barb many years ago so I re-scanned them and packed them up ready to return them. Perhaps I will offer to scrapbook them for her.

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