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Aspley, Brisbane, Qld

S 27°21'33" E 153°00'57

Fri 28 Feb - Wed 5 Mar 2003

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We returned to Brisbane to spend some more time with the family. We decided to stay in the caravan park in Aspley as a little bit of luxury after the heat and wet of Sherwood Forest.

Jean and I went to a scrapbooking marathon on Saturday. We got some work done but I cried off at teatime as I was bushed.

On Tuesday, we did the laundry at Patricks Road and I found the lack of height of the new front loading machine something of a challenge. Sarah had mentioned that she wanted to put is up on a stand so I bought some timber and Al and I put it together and installed it. A bonus feature of the new arrangement is that the cat flap will now work. There is some conjecture that the cats won't use it but we"ll see.

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