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Lawnton, Qld

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Mon 31 Mar - Fri 4 Apr 2003

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We drove back to Brisbane and settled in to the Lawnton Showground There was no answer to the telephone call to Patricks Rd so we went to the optician at Brookside to have the new frames fitted.

They were all pleased to see us at Sarah's.

Alain had been having trouble with the Beep with no charging and overheating. I diagnosed a broken alternator and gunk in the radiator. Eventually Al noticed that the fan belt had gone which explained both problems. We bought a new fan belt and he set about fitting it. Without the right tools it was a really difficult job but he got it done somehow and all is well again.

I went to the doctor to have the sores under my arm diagnosed as boils. I heven't suffered from boils since I was a little boy but the doctor suggested that elevated blood glucose increases the incidence of such infections. She gave me some antibiotics.

I inadvertently took two doses of the antibiotic, one when I got them from the chemist and one at bedtime.

In the morning I suffered from severe dry retching, possibly caused by the excess dosage. It all settled down during the day and by dinner time I was back to normal.

We spent time every day at Patricks Rd helping out.

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