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Sat 5 - Sun 6 Apr 2003

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The caretaker of the showground told us that there would be a dog show on Sunday and asked us if we would move to a site further from the office (we normally park right beside it). I suggested that we might go to Wyllie Park for a couple of days and use up the remaining days we had paid for next week. He was happy with that so we moved the Motley up the road before going to Patricks Rd.

On Sunday Jean and I deciced to have an indulgence day and have a cooked breakfast at Cafe Zanetti. The best laid plans, they say, aft gang aglay. First we were late setting out. Then we had to stop for petrol. Then I found that I had left my wallet at home and we had to return to Wyllie Park. When we finally got to the cafe, they were understaffed and it took ages to get fed. When we finally got to Patricks Rd we had to eat a hearty lunch which Max had cooked.

We did get most of the sewing and all of the washing of baby things finished before we went back to the Motley.

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