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Coolmunda Dam, Qld

S 28°24'55" E 151°14'01

Sat 27 Sep 2003

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In the morning we went for a long walk beside the lake. There were lots of birds including Silver Gull, Black winged Stilt, Masked Lapwing, Wood Duck, Black Swan, Dusky Moorhen, Eurasian Coot, and Yellow-billed Spoonbill.The water level is even lower than last time we stayed at Lake Leslie. Clearly the drought has still got a fair way to go before it is over.

We needed to fill tanks, check tyres and stock up on groceries so we went back to Warwick.

We parked outside the Masonic Temple because it is the only place we can park anywhere near the shopping centre. They were having some kind of do and we saw many couples arrive, he in white mess jacket and black bow tie, she all in white, white dress, white shoe, white stockings, white gloves and carrying some food, all very 1930s.

Leaving Warwick towards our destination in South Australia, we drove straight into a fierce headwind all the way to Coolmunda Dam where we parked up, switched on the genny and the airconditioner and veged out.

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