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Wed 3 Mar 2004

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I did a little trip into the MIA 2 State Forest to capture the last of the local sites and got back to the caravan park in time for breakfast.

We drove to Narrandera and visited the Tourist Info Centre to get the local mud map. It was as well that I did because, talking to the fellow, I discovered that two of the sites in "The Book" were, in fact, the same place.

On the way to Wagga Wagga we found a new site at the end of a fair stretch of gravel road where we stopped for a late lunch. We made it to our planned destination at about five o'clock only to find that the listed site was not evident but a riveside reserve at the end of another long gravel road was signposted. We took our last adventure of the day and settle in on the banks of the Murrumbidgee again. We had a quiet night apart from the crow scarers which went on till quite late and started up again quite early.

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