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Horsham, Vic

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Wed 6 - Thu 7 Apr 2005

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Wednesday 6th

We have to be 'resident' in Victoria to register the car and the trailer here so we booked into the same site in the same caravan park we had enjoyed last time we were in Horsham.

We had to stop in St Arnaud to fill up with fuel, fresh water, and groceries and dump the black water. We arrived at Horsham in time to settle in and join a happy hour of other motorhomers who are staying here waiting to go into the rally.

I went to the post office and picked up the iBook hard drive replacement instructions Alain had sent me. I dont' know when I'll have time to do the replacement but, at least I now have everything I need to do the job.

Thursday 7th

I was up with the birds to do the laundry.

I got to the RTA at about noon and was back at the Motley with new plates and a new driving licence before lunch. We are now fully Victorian while we are on the road (except Jean whose driverer's licence is from Queensland though she owns a Victorian registered truck).

I picked up the new mail which was the first copy of the third edition of "The Book". It looks very swish and the Camps Snaps book is very pretty as well as being useful for calibrating the sites that are included. There is a trivia question "How many pictures in Camps Snaps include the Motley?"

I also made an ADSL connection to the internet from the local computer shop. I retrieved the mail, updated the Motley website, downloaded some new software, and surfed a bit in some new genealogical sites. I don't know what's going wrong but, once again, Austarnet failed to deliver mail which had been sent to me. Perhaps I need a new ISP again!

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