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Tomingley North Rest Area, NSW

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Wed 22 Feb 2006

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We went into town to visit Centrelink. As we were driving around the town we happened upon a Rivers Superstore. They were having a sale so I replaced the shoes I have been wearing for the last few years.

We went to the Zoo, The last time we visited the Zoo was in 1998.

We chatted to the keeper at the Tiger exhibit. The two young males on show were grandsons of Selatan, mother of Kemiri who was born at Taronga while I was a volunteer guide there who now lives in Adelaide Zoo where we saw her in 1998. Selatan now lives at the Western Plains Zoo and the boys wouldn't respond to the keeper because their grandmother was communicating with them from the next enclosure.

Because the weather forecast suggested that Dubbo might have thunderstorms overnight, and not wanting to be stranded inside the camp site by unpassable roads, we left Dubbo and headed south. We stopped overnight in a rest area on the road to Parkes.

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