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Sun 30 Jul - Sat 5 Aug 2006

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Sunday 30th Jul

I found a lot of errors in some old files in my website so I spent a considerable time rectifying these. I also did some more work on the bathroom.

Monday 31st Jul

I did some shopping and some laundry. I bit the bullet and registered for the Mudgee Rally.

In the afternoon I did some more renovation. We're nearly ready for the plumber.

Tuesday 1st Aug

I got a bit more work done on the bathroom. It is going slowly but it is going.

Jean went to the library and was away quite a long time. She had met up with Elsie May, our next door neighbour, in the library and chatted with her. She discovered that our friend, Vicki, had a new grandchild which had been born a little earlier than expected so Jean visited her for a chat.

Wednesday 2nd Aug

Having decided to go to the rally in Mudgee, we decided to take the opportunity to go on to Sydney to see our friends, see the dentist and the dermatologist, and catch up with Number One son.

I arranged to cancel the Telstra contract for Jean's phone which has died. They didn't charge me the normal early termination fee because they considered me to be a reliable, long term customer. I also changed the plan for my phone because the usage has dropped dramatically since last I changed the plan and I was paying for calls I wasn't making. I also changed the wireless modem from time charged to volume charged because my usage has dropped well below the volume limit and I won't have to worry about connect time any more. I will of course have to continue to track my volume usage but I do that anyway. I discussed the changeover from CDMA to 3G which has been announced by Telstra. They won't switch the CDMA system off until the the 3G system is in place for the whole CDMA coverage area. This may not be until 2008. There will probably be an incentive offer for the replacement of phones for the changeover.

We had an appointment with the doctor to get new prescriptions. I had found another suspicious lump on my face. She didn't think it was a BCC so I decided to leave it until I see the dermatologist when we go to Sydney.

When we get back home I started to work on the bathroom. I got the last wall lining panel in and started to install the extractor fan. While I was working on the outside, I managed to drop the vent cover from 3 m (10 ft) up onto my head causing some severe pain, some copious bleeding and a significant swelling. It did calm down but I decided to call it a day. I'll finish installing the fan tomorrow, assuming I'm fit.

Thursday 3rd Aug

I had an appointment with the solicitor to discus a Deed the club had sent me to sign. It transfers the copyright to the Self-containment Scheme to the club. I was a bit put out that this just appeared in the mail without any prior discussion as though I am just a mere member who is expected to do whatever the club wants without question. When Ross and I created the scheme, we were happy for it to belong to the club and we expected to continue to be the controllers of the Scheme and this has proved to be so. If the club wants to take to the lawyers it behoves us to do the same. I'm happy to sign the copyright over in a formal legal document if that is what they want but I want a condition put into the deed which formalises the arrangement that Ross and I are and continue to be the Controllers of the Scheme. We want to continue to control the Scheme so that it can't be watered down to suit the minority agenda of some other person. We believe that the scheme has been well received by the authorities because it is technically excellent and complete. The respect that this acceptance brings s proving to be vital to power of the club's lobbying for access to non-caravan park camp sites.

I did finish the installation of the extractor fan and moved the vanity into the bathroom ready for installation.

I was due to go to a Lions board meeting but I wasn't feeling well enough to go out.

Friday 4th Aug

The control knob on the gas heater refused to work properly this morning. I set about looking at the problem myself but found that there is some deep product knowledge needed even to get at the mechanism so I decided to take it back to the firm that did the conversion for repair.

We went to Tamworth to take the gas fire to the repairer and to do a big grocery shop to stock up on those things we can't buy at the IGA in Barraba and to get some more wool for Jean's knitting bee.

We went to The Homestead for lunch and I took the opportunity to download a lot of new software.

Saturday 5th Aug

The injury to my head had developed an unpleasant referred pain in the scalp so I took a day off work.

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