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Sun 6 - Sat 12 Aug 2006

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Sunday 6th

I took another day off to help the healing process. Jean went to a Hymnfest at the local Anglican Church. She expected to see John Samin in the choir but he was missing. During the concert, an announcement was made saying that Vicki hand had an accident while on the way to Toowoomba and John had had to go and pick her up. She had, it seems, hit a kangaroo somewhere near Warialda. She wasn't hurt, just shaken up, which is a blessing as she and John are due to go to Vietnam next weekend.

I veged out.

Monday 7th

I had an appointment to talk about the Lions Christmas Cake scheme. I have learned what I need to know to do the Cake Chairman's job. After the meeting, I visited Vicki Samin to make sure she was OK.

In the afternoon, I cooked some curry.

Tuesday 8th

I went to Tamworth to pick up the gas heater. They said they hadn't found any fault but the mechanical problem with the control knob is still there. I brought it home planning to get at it myself when I have some time. While I was in Tamworth I did a bit of shopping. Sadly, I didn't use a list so I missed out on some things I need.

Jean went to Weight Watchers. She is determined to try it even though she wasn't terribly impressed. The fees they charge are not designed for people with low discretionary incomes and I find it hard to imaging how they can set such high fees other than the thought that they are on to a "good thing" and they benefit from lots of free PR from the medical profession, the government, and the TV program makers, all of whom are determined to makes us believe that we must all conform to their idea of a "healthy" body.

Wednesday 9th

It had been particularly cold overnight. It dawned bright and clear and we had another glorious day

I did a number of small jobs around the house. I looked at the gas heater again and still found it pretty well impossible to get inside the thing. I did manage to get at the control knob mechanism by prying the bezel off and found that the plastic stop in the knob that stopped the knob from going too far onto the shaft had failed. I made a new stop and the whole thing came good.

Thursday 10th

It turned out to be another beautiful day. I did some more jobs around the house. The TV antenna was pointing the same way as all the others in the area but we could only get 4 of the 5 channels properly. I checked the direction to the TV transmitter with the GPS and re-set the direction of the antenna. Now we get all 5 channels properly. It takes some time these days for me to get the solution to some of our technical problems but I do get there in the end.

In the evening I went to the Lions Club Dinner.

Friday 11th

I worked long and hard and achieved quite a bit of progress. The plumber came in mid afternoon to check on what he had yet to do.

Saturday 12th

In the morning I had a Lion's working bee at the golf club. The club had scored an old shed from the hospital and it is being rebuilt on a corner of the golf course. The shed is up and the roof is on but there is a fair bit of finishing to do. There were five of us and we got a bit done today.

After an energetic morning, I spent the afternoon watching rugby and bowls on the TV.

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