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Currawinya, Barraba, NSW

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Sun 20 - Sat 26 Aug 2006

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Sunday 20th

Another cold night but a clear bright day. I was still a bit under the weather so I only did a small amount of work on the renovations.

We went for a walk in the afternoon.

Monday 21st

While it was still very cold overnight, it was a beautiful day with the temperature rising above 20°C for the first time this season.

I found some energy and finished the bathroom walls ready for painting. The plumber hasn't got in touch yet but I'm sure he'll come soon.

Tuesday 22nd

Till cold overnight but the daytime temperature was once again mild rather than cool. I did some more work on the bathroom. I hope to get to the painting tomorrow.

Wednesday 23rd

Another gorgeous day. I assume that spring has come though the locals say it's not unusual to get frosts in September.

I found a lot of energy and enthusiasm and completed two big tasks. The entertainment unit we bought recently had shown signs of overloading with the weight of the big TV set so I added some reinforcing to the underside. I also painted the bathroom walls with white undercoat. Jean commented on how "bright" it is now. The next job is to install the shower.

Thursday 24th

I continued with the work on the bathroom. I fitted the back panels without any problem. I then unpacked the shower screen, read the installation instructions and found that the manufacturer had left some parts out of the package. This meant that I couldn't even start the installation. I rang the supplier and he said he would contact the manufacturer to try and get the problem rectified. I'll have to wait till this has happened before I can proceed.

It was an even better day with the temperature still over 20°C at four o'clock in the afternoon. The roses believe that it is spring with some shooting leaf buds and some with plenty of leaves.

I went to the Lions dinner meeting and Jean had the left overs of the osso buco I had cooked earlier in the week.

Friday 25th

Another bright spring day. I did a few small jobs around the house.

I had a phone call from the plumbing supplier to say that my problem had been referred to a manager in the manufacturer's organisation with the expectation of an answer on Monday.

Saturday 26th

I having to wait for the missing parts before I can do more in the bathroom, I set about some outstanding tasks on the Motley. I checked the batteries which had been in place for six months. They didn't need any water and were in A1 condition. I also changed the fresh water pump for a new one I bought last time I was in Brisbane. The new one is a slightly smaller one which will be quieter and will not hunt when on low flow. The pump I took out will be the spare in case of failure of the new one.

I watched Randwick win its match against Easts to get into the grand final against Sydney University.

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