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Sun 19 - Sat 25 2006

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Sunday 19th

We rested up after a late night. I spent most of the day watching the golf on the TV.

Monday 20th

Another beautiful day. I found some energy and set about some work on the Motley. It was pretty hot in the motorhome so I had to work in limited bursts.

In the evening we went to the Book Club Xmas Dinner. It was a very pleasant affair with lots of friendly conversation and some excellent tucker. We were stuck by the fact that there were several people there we had met at other functions in the town. It seems that we are becoming part of the community.

Tuesday 21st

It being Jean's birthday, I took her to Tamworth so that we could have a celebratory lunch. The first place we went to was closed so we took to plan B and went to the Thai Restaurant opposite the Homestead Cafe where we usually have lunch. This turned out to be a really good choice. The food was excellent, the wine was delicious and the service was attentive.

Wednesday 22nd

I was asked if I would drive a Life Education bus from Bingara to Barraba for the Lions. I had to decline as my driver's licence, being only for Light Rigid vehicles, was not adequate for the vehicle which required a Heavy Rigid licence. They found someone with an appropriate licence who was free so the job got done.

We had bought a new bathroom cupboard and a towel ring for the hand towel.when we were in Tamworth yesterday. I set about putting these up. After a false start, I finally got the two jobs done.

Jean had received her official Queen's kit from the Red Hat Society. One of the goodies was a charm bracelet with a red hat charm and a Queen's crown charm. I was asked to put the charms on the bracelet and after much effort I finally got that job done. I did wonder what the average Red Hat Chapter Queen does when she gets this kit if her husband is not an engineer.

Thursday 23rd

The weather has turned hot so no a lot got done.

I did rounds of the people who are selling Lions Xmas cakes so that I could report the sales to date to the board meeting which I had assumed was tonight. I found that the meeting wasn't until the first Thursday in December so I will have to do the rounds again next week. I

Friday 24th

I took a day off so that I would be fit for a long day's work tomorrow.

Saturday 25th

I had another working bee for the Lions. This was the sale at the farm of one of our members who is selling up and going to live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We were short of vehicles so the Terios was pressed into heavy duty service. I took all the supplies including lots of meat, bread, and soft drinks to the farm which is 21 kilometres (13 miles) out on Ironbark Creek.

We had a very successful day raising quite a lot of money for the Lions Xmas Tree fund. It was very hot and we sold a lot of cold soft drinks. We always take a bath full of ice to ensure that the drinks are cold which pleases the customers, particularly on hot days.

I got home about three o'clock having gone out before eight.

The garden was suffering from the hot dry conditions so I spent half an hour or so with the hose trying to get some green back into the front garden. I had bought Jean some tomato and some spinach plants as her birthday present and they need watering every day in this weather.

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