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Sun 26 Nov - Sat 2 Dec 2006

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Sunday 26th Nov

After a hard days work yesterday, I did a few simple chores.

I got a call from a Lions colleague that someone wanted to buy two cartons of Xmas cakes. We took them around and discovered a most unusual and interesting story. Bill and Beryl had been to Tonga on holiday and had formed a friendship with a couple of young men who run a tourist business in Nuku'alofa. The brothers had told them that their business was burned down during the riots there a fortnight ago. Many other businesses are also closed and many people have no income and are facing a bleak future. Bill and Beryl decided to send 20 Lions Xmas Cakes so that their families and friends would have something special for Xmas.

Monday 27th Nov

I had a appointment to go to the Men's Morning Tea at Garvin House. This is a regular affair and the staff like visitors to join with the residents so that they don't feel isolated from the life of the town. A fellow had brought along some model aeroplanes but they were just on show to stimulate a bit of conversation. I found one other Lion there and John Samin was also there. We had various conversations over morning tea and one old chap asked me to visit him whenever I had time.

In the afternoon, I started work on fitting the new front doors. I thought it was going to be a very difficult task but it went pretty smoothly. A thunderstorm came in while I was still working on the front verandah so I had to put things away quite quickly. The rest of the job will be easy now that I have worked out how to do it. The hardest part will be varnishing them as I hate painting.

In the evening, we had a blackout. I had just about finished setting up the TV in the Motley when the power came on again.

Tuesday 28th Nov

Jean had an appointment at the hairdresser and we both went to the doctor to get new prescriptions.

I don't know why, but I slept most of the afternoon.

We had some thunderstorms in the evening but not a lot of rain.

Wednesday 29th Nov

I found the energy to do the dusting and vacuuming.

I got a phone call from one of the cake sellers and took them another carton.

I did get a few important small tasks done before the heat forced me to rest.

Thursday 30th Nov

I got an early morning call from the Lions to deliver a carton of cakes to the Raffle Ticket Stall. When I got there I found that there was no float in the till so I subbed them for some change.

In the evening we had Lion's Zone Meeting . After the Zone Meeting, we had a dinner meeting with our visitors from other Lions chapters in our zone. I made a brief presentation of the story of Bill and Beryl Henshaw and their donation of Xmas cakes to their friends in Tonga. Ken Hiscock had an update to the story. TNT wanted $1600 to send the two cartons weighing just 30kg to Tonga. Bill refused to pay that much and eventually sent them via Australia Post at a cost of $350!

Friday 1st Dec

I was supposed to go to an award ceremony of some sort but I was taken down by am inability to eat anything so I cried off.

Saturday 2nd Dec

I was still a bit off so I rested up for the day. I had to cry off a Lions working bee but rather that than get really sick.

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