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Sun 3 Dec - Sat 9 Dec 2006

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photo of the new door
Sunday 3rd

Another rest day.

Monday 4th

It was cooler overnight and I had to get up and pull the blanket up and then, a bit later, put the bed socks on.

I felt well again so I got stuck into the renovation. I had prepared one of the new doors last week and today I hung it. It looks really good.

Tuesday 5th

I had to take another lay day.

Wednesday 6th

In the morning, I took my turn at selling raffle tickets for the Lions Xmas Tree. It was an interesting experience but as I had no experience to base a judgement on, I don't know if it went well or not.

In the afternoon I worked on the new front door, preparing it for hanging.

Thursday 7th

I fitted the new front door. It looks really good and when all three are done it will bring the front of the house back to something of its original condition.

In the afternoon I had a teleconference with my colleague, Ross, and the CMCA Director responsible for the Self-containment Scheme. It was meant to make some progress at resolving our differences but it was not very productive.

I in the evening, I had a Lions board meeting.

Friday 8th

In the morning, I did another stint selling raffle tickets. There was a Ladies Auxiliary cake stall just up the street and I got a comment about "competition" to which I replied "No, It's co-operation". When the ladies finished one of them gave me a packet of home made biscuits so I guess I the comment was just a bit of banter.

Saturday 9th

In the morning I attended a working bee only to find no-one else there. Apparently it had been rescheduled for tomorrow. In the evening, I learned that it had been moved to tomorrow week. Art least I'll have Sunday to myself.

In the evening, we had a Lion's Xmas Party at the home of my Lion's Mentor, Ron Hiscock. It was a very pleasant affair with lots of conversation on lots of topics, lots of drinks, a little bit of toast-making and joke telling, an a wonderful meal of barbecued steak and sausages with various salads provided by the members wives followed by a great variety of desserts including icecream, cheesecake, and trifle. The trifle was rated "very spirited" by the Secretary. We didn't get home until ten o'clock.

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