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Currawinya, Barraba, NSW

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Sun 10 - Sat 16 Dec 2006

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photo of the new front door
Sunday 10th

Another hot day but with nothing serious on the agenda, we had a relaxing day watching the golf.

Monday 11th

We went to Tamworth to do some necessary shopping.

I visited the Telstra shop and traded my CDMA phone for a 3G one with so many bells and whistles that I had to spend an hour reading the manual to find out how to avoid doing things I don't want to do. I did get a phone with Bluetooth capability so that I can do the proper hands free thing when I'm driving without getting strangled by cables. I guess even I can use some of the new technology.

The upgrade of the modem must wait because Apple doesn't yet have the necessary drivers for the new 3G chips.

I also took the opportunity to download a whole lot of software updates. My favourite cafe must have done an upgrade to ADSL2 because the download times were measured in seconds and minutes rather than minutes and tens of minutes.

photo of the new bedroom door
Tuesday 12th

In was on duty again selling raffle tickets for the Lions Xmas Tree. It was a pleasant morning as I had a colleague working with me and we were able to chat between customers.

In the afternoon, the sky closed in and we had rumbling thunder for some time but, as usual, not a lot of rain. We spent the afternoon doing the Xmas cards.

The power failed in the middle of the afternoon so I couldn't print the annual newsletter causing a halt to the Xmas card work. The power didn't come back on until after dinner. We had taken refuge in the Motley so we were probably the only people in Barraba who were watching TV.

Wednesday 13th

In a fit of new-found enthusiasm I fitted the third new door. It seemed to go very easily but by time I had finished it was three o'clock and I was whacked.

photo of the new office door
Thursday 14th

I had a couple of Lions activities today.

One was a lunchtime Community Health Services Focus Group which is held annually to check that the services are in line with community needs. J learned a lot about the community in which we live and I was able to contribute a newcomers perspective to the discussion.

The other was a Lions Dinner Meeting.

Friday 15th

We had a cake stall in the high street in the morning. We sold lots of cakes provided by the lady partners of the Lions. We also sold many Lions Xmas Cakes and lots of raffle tickets.

The afternoon was lost to the cricket.

Saturday 16th

I was rostered to a working bee to prepare the presents for the Xmas Tree. I was coached by two of my colleagues who have been doing this for many years. I guess I'll be able to contribute more next year.

After lunch, I took advantage of a cooler cloudy period to do some weed eradication with the whipper snipper. Unfortunately the sun came out before I finished the job so I was pretty bushed by the time I had done. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to watching the cricket.

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