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Tue 13 - Mon 19 Mar 2007

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Tuesday 13th

Having had more than enough of Brisbane, we planned to accept an offer to stay at the Procter's place in Cooroy even though they hadn't finished their trip to Tasmania. I rang to confirm and found that they will be back today so we will have company after all.

Before we left, I had a chat with a caravanner who was parked nearby in Wyllie Park. They are from the far north and have been full time on the road for ten years. I introduced Eco-Camping Australia and wished them safe travelling and fun on the road.

The weather was supposed tom have improved today but it was again excessively hot and sticky. We got to Cooroy before lunch and set up in our usual spot. We had planned to do the laundry but it seemed like a good idea to rest a bit.

The Procters came home at about half past six. Chris and Wendy and the two boys, Ben and Gabriel, were with Helene. Philip arrived a bit later. We spent time with them after dinner. Wendy needed some help with a Macintosh problem so I offered my assistance.

Wednesday 14th

I woke up feeling pretty poorly.I slept in till ten. We needed to do the laundry and the weather was not propitious so I went to the laundromat in Cooroy. I also did some shopping. I found some aluminium tubing which will overcome the problem we had with the filing cabinet drawers falling open when we turn left.

In the afternoon, we spent some time with the Procters, Jean chatting with Helene and I chatting with Phil. Phil described the devastation of the garden which occurred just before Xmas only a few days before they had to set off in Kinky on their trip to Tasmania. The trees and plants were all stripped by the record breaking gale which swept through. The damage was so severe that houses were wrecked and the Botanical Gardens opposite were closed to the public because of the danger caused by the broken trees. Looking at the garden now with all the plants re-grown, it is hard to imagine what is was like after the storm. Philip and Helene were lucky to have Wendy and Chris living nearby as Chris worked with Phil on the initial cleanup and has restored the garden to its former glory while they were away.

Thursday 15th

The day dawned a little better with some blue sky. I felt a lot better than I did yesterday and got stuck into the work I have to do for Eco-Camping Australia. I finished my report to the lawyer and sent it off to him and to Ross before breakfast.

We had morning tea and happy hour with the Procters.

Friday 16th

I spent the day working on getting the MacBook working. I had to remove a program called GlowWorm which is supposed to protect against malware by detecting and stopping unsolicited outgoing traffic. Unfortunately it decided to use 99.9% of CPU capacity which made everything else RATHER slow.

Because I haven't been able to get the wireless modem working with the MacBook, I have to use the iBook for all my internet connections. I have to synchronise the iBook and the MacBook so that I won't suffer from the two-headed monster syndrome. I did manual sync. I haven't devised an automatic sync process yet so I still have a bit of work to do. I might use Rsync if I can work out how to script it. I have the Apple program iSync and two third party programs called iBackup, and FileSync but they each have their limitations.

In the afternoon, I made a big pot of beef curry in preparation for a Sunday feast.

Saturday 17th

i did some more work on the licence for CMCA and produced a new draft. I tried to send it to my lawyer and to Ross but the wireless modem wouldn't connect. I don't think it is a problem with the iBook as I have been connected recently and nothing has changed on the computer. I suspect Telstra is the cause so I will have to do a bit of investigating to try and solve the problem unless it goes away by itself.

I cooked some dhal and some dry potato curry for Sunday.

Sunday 18th

I spent the morning cooking in preparation for the lunchtime feast. Sadly I over salted the beef curry but nobody noticed and everyone was most complimentary. The fresh fruit of mangoes, lychees and grapes went down particularly well. Even the two boys, Helene's grandsons, thanked me for the food.

In the afternoon I had to veg out.

Monday 19th

We went to Noosa to cast our pre-pollvotes in the forthcoming NSW election. We had coffee at our favourite cafe in Noosaville before returning to the Motley for lunch.

In the afternoon I went to Cooroy to recover a credit card which had been swallowed by the ATM because I confused the PINs of the two Bendio Bank cards. I took the opportunity to amalgamated both Bendigo Bank accounts to reduce the confusion of having two similar cards with different PINs.

In the evening, we had curry and rice and much conversation with Philip and Helene.

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