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Reflections on life after a lifetime of engineering

As I approach the third age, I no longer think that my views are less valid than anyone else's so I plan to write short essays on questions that cause me concern. This corner of the website is a work in progress.

My First Fleet Origins - 22 Apr 2011

Was our Prime Minister trying to become our President? - 1 Jan 2008

Is Capitalism broken? - 6 Nov 2007

Have Governments lost sight of their primary purpose? - 6 Nov 2007

Is there too much money? - 5 Nov 2007

How many functions of our modern society are now broken? - 17 Jul 2007

Don't the New Atheists understand that proselytising is the problem? - 17 Jul 2007

Does the experience of the Grameen Bank prove that the human race is about 99% honest? - 17 Jul 2007

Why do I think that all organised religions are really just politics? - 16 Aug 2006

Are our values being re-engineered? - 1 May 2006

Is postmodernism anything more than an excuse to act on one's prejudices? - 9 Oct 2005

Is the separation of church and state a reality in Australia? - 2 Sep 2005

Is the 21st century going to be the age of assertion? - 30 Mar 2005

Why are so many contemporary professional wordsmiths language manglers? - 10 Feb 2005

Is the unemployment rate really as low as they say it is? - 9 Nov 2004

What's really happening when real estate prices get to be unreal? - 12 Oct 2004

Why is it that if something is free, it is seen to have no value? - 8 Sep 2004

Why the Homeless Network? - 28 Aug 2004

Was it Keynes or was it Hayek who got it right? - 28 Aug 2004

Is there any honesty in public life today? - 28 Aug 2004

Why do so many Australians think the Collins Class submarines were a waste of money? - 28 Aug 2004

Why do people who manage volunteers not understand volunteers? - 28 Aug 2004

Do caravan park owners have friends in high places? - 24 Nov 2004

Is Adele Ravellese a metaphor for modern business? - 24 Nov 2004

Wasn't I taught that ad hominem argument is bad debating? - 24 Nov 2004

The world isn't going to hell in a basket, is it? - 24 Nov 2004

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