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Nov 2008

The Barraba Transition Initiative gets off the ground

We had a second meeting of the initiating group last night.

It was pretty productive. We agreed that we need an organisation. I was allowed to chair the meeting. I guess they think I'm right when I reveal my Engineer" background and offer to do those things that my experience qualifies me for.

One of the decisions was that two of us plan to go to Sydney in February for a Transition Network Training Course.

The gardening people decided to initiate a town garden as a demonstration of what can and should be done.

Someone else suggested a Car pooling scheme to reduce the consumption of petrol in trips to Tamworth.

Posted: 20/11/08 2:19 PM

The Barraba Transition Initiative

Early in October we had a visit from William Vorobioff from Transition Town Newcastle who gave a most impressive presentation about the problems of Climate Change and Peak Oil and the dramatic effects they will have on our communities.

Peak Oil doesn't have nearly as much public exposure as Climate Change but it will be as dramatic in its effects.

The Transition Initiatives are efforts by people to redesign their communities so that they will have a reduced carbon footprint and will be resilient to Peak Oil. The initiative works by tapping into the genius of the community so that the future problems are understood and solutions to those problems are put in place before the crises occur.

The journey will be long and arduous but it is vital that w make our best efforts to ameliorate the effects of these two challenges to our way of life.

Because the Transition Initiatives are sponsored by the Transition Network, a world-wide organisation of communities which have embarked on the journey, we will have plenty of support in our efforts.

We are at the very beginning of our journey but we have already screened a film about Peak Oil and we already have a number of volunteers who are keen to see the initiative prosper.

Posted: 9/11/08 5:07 PM


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