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Apr 2012

Grey Nomad Happy Hour

Thursday , 26th April 2012

Yesterday we were invited to a Highway Wanderers Happy hour at their Chapter Gathering at Glenriddle Recreation Reserve just 17 km from Barraba.

We were very happy to go as we thought we would meet with a few of our grey nomad friends.

We had a wonderful time at the gathering. We met several of our friends and I was asked to entertain them with my standard joke,

"It was a dark and Stormy Night and the wind was whistling through the trees, The king said to the jester, Jester, tell me a story, this is the story the Jester told the king, It was a dark and Stormy Night ditto in several different "

I also told them about our retirement from the grey nomads and they all smiled at us.

We were very pleased to be guests of these nice people who were happy that we had accepted their invitation.

We were also impressed with the Manilla River which was usually a trickling stream past this reserve but it is now a beautiful river because the river has stopped being a poor flow and is now a very full flow down to Splitrock Dam. We are happy to know that they increasing the size of the Splitrock Dam and are building a pipeline from Splitrock Dam to Barraba to improve the quality and reliability of our water supply.

More lawn mowing

Monday , 23rd April 2012

Yesterday I appreciated the weather which was clear and sunny and calm. I spent quite some time mowing all the lawns to get rid of the stems with seeds and to shorten the grass which had grown recently on a quarter of the back half of the back lawn. The rest of the lawns had not grown a lot because we have had no rain for quite some time. I think the grass that had grown was growing because it was on some of the lawn which had been watered some time ago by the overflow from the rain water tank when we had had lots of rain. I assume that that water had sunk into the soil and had not run away and had not been evaporated. I worked for more than an hour with the hand pushed motor mower. After I had finished I measured my blood pressure and it was quite high. Today it is back to my normal blood pressure so I guess it was just the result of the extensive exercise.

Today we went to Tamworth because I had an appointment with a Geriatrician. When we got there we were told that my appointment was tomorrow but I had to say that I couldn't go to Tamworth tomorrow because I had a morning appointment with my GP and a lunchtime appointment with the primary school Junior Red Cross volunteers. They renewed my appointment in July because the specialist is busy until then.

Success with my attempt to kill the big weeds

Tuesday , 17th April 2012

On Sunday 8th April I sprayed the big weeds on the north side of our back lawn with Glyophosphate in my old sprayer. Sadly the sprayer only worked with a couple of straight flows of stuff. I was unhappy because I thought might not work to kill the weeds. On the 10th I bought a new backpack sprayer so that I could redo the spraying because the weeds were still growing.

I had not yet got the new sprayer ready to use. Today it was raining so I couldn't do any spraying but I looked at the weeds and they were nearly all dying so the original spraying had worked but just took a few days to succeed.

If we get more weeds we need to get rid of I will be able to use the new backpack sprayer which I am confident will be very efficient.

Autumn is coming on

Thursday , 12th April 2012

The weather during the summer was quite variable and we had some un summer days,

Now that it is Autumn we are benefiting from lots of sunny days which are very nice except that we have had some quote cold south east winds recently and the overnight temperatures are going low so the house now needs warming in the morning.

I am always happy in Barraba when the weather is good so I am now very pleased to be here.

I was reading an article in the New Scientist which was saying that the social networking on the internet was now the primary cause of friendship. I find that quite stupid and very 21st century.

I am very happy to have lots of friends in Barraba all working face to face.

My original use of Facebook made me irritated so my Facebook page doesn't have any friends now. I still have to keep the page so that I can make necessary entries in the Barraba Artisans' and Farmers' Market Facebook page. Though I offered to do a website for the market, the boss insisted that he wanted to use a Facebook page. I am not impressed with the limited information available on the Facebook page but I don't think I can make the appropriate change.

More problems

Wednesday, 4th April 2012

I spent lots of time during the last weekend and on Monday and Tuesday printing lots of documents for this years Frost Over Barraba.

Unfortunately my printer started to fail. I had two new black toner cartridges and they both failed in the work I was doing. I also got a message from the printer insisting that I change the waste toner bin. Sadly I didn't have another one. Trying to empty the existing one eventually failed and I was unable to do any more printing.

I had a few hundred more docs to print and I said that I wouldn't be able to do them until my new order for toner cartridges and new waste tone bins was delivered. I hope that will happen this week.

Happily Sarah was able to get some copying done at the Barraba Visitor Information Centre because Destination Tamworth, the new tourism organisation in the Tamworth Region were happy to give us support for Frost Over Barraba because it is a very famous important annual event in Barraba which strongly supports tourism to the town.



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