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July 2013

Sad event in Tamworth Hospital

Saturday , 27th July 2013

Jean had been referred to Dr Girardi in Tamworth to test her esophagus because she was suffering from difficulties eating stuff and pills.

She went to Dr Girardi in Tamworth and he arranged to give her the test in the Day Surgery unit in Tamworth Base Hospital.

Sarah drove us to Tamworth on Thursday to that appointment.

Jean was kept in a ward in the Hospital after her test.

Sarah drove me home then and then to Tamworth yesterdayfor us to see Jean.

Jean wanted to come home but we had to wait until late in the day when Dr Girardi gave he permission to leave the hospital because he knew that she was well.

Sarah drove us back to Barraba after sunset and we had a really good journey up Fossickers Way in the night.

Revised: 22/08/2013

Wonderful visit

Saturday , 27th July 2013

We were visited on last Wednesday by Jeffery Binder whose mother Ada worked for my mother in Balmoral when I was a very young child.

He came from Wollongong in his campervan with his wife Tanya.

He said that he had read some of my blog. I had not written about him getting in touch with me about his mother Ada but I asked my sister Barbara to remind me about Ada working for my mother and get in touch with him.

He was so pleased with me that he had brought a document he had written about Ada and he had added some photographs including a photo of his father Cecil with his mother Ada and some photos of Ada with the Brenda Beresford Chalmers, my mother and her children Barbara, Colin, and Robin.

I was most impressed that he had come to Barraba to talk to us and give us this wonderful stuff.

Revised: 28/07/2013

Strange journey in the Barraba Zone

Saturday , 20th July 2013
We were impressed by Mark Sawyer who runs Barraba Motors. He had decided to replace the front tires on the Terios. We left the Terios there on Thursday morning. He didn't finish the work until the evening and he drove to our place at about 7 o'clock so that he could drive us back to the workshop and we could pay him and then drive the car back to our place.

Yesterday on Friday Jean wanted to visit a Clay Pan friend of hers at her home called Lugwardine.

We had advice from Cathy that it would be good to go to her place by driving to a famous farm Burindi which is about 25 km from Barraba and is on a public road and then go north along MayVale Rd.

We drove past that homestead and then turned north along MayVale road for 3 km to the property. Sadly Jean could not meet the lady Cathy in the houses on the property.

Rather than coming bach via Burindi I suggested that we drive north along MayVale road to find out how good that road is which Cathy had said she didn't like.

We were impressed by the condition of the road which was about 19 km. We saw several cattle on the road and we were impressed to see a few dozen Galahs on the road and more in the fields beside the road.

We reached the famous western highway from Barraba called Trevallyn Road and we had a very comfortable drive of about 20 km back home.

We were very happy to observe this lots of land in the old Barrara Shire west of the town of Barrara.

Revised: 28/07/2013

Work on Frost Over Barraba

Wednesday, 10th July 2013

I was happy to have been given some jobs on this years Frost Over Barraba Festival

I helped the guys who brought some new screen frames.

I worked on removing all the hooks from the screen frames after the pictures had been removed by some volunteer ladies so that they could be sent back to the artists.

My last job was to help some people who needed to remove the new screen frames out of the RSL Hall

Revised: 4th August 2013


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