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March 2012

More Volunteer work

Saturday, 31st March 2012

Today I have been printing lots of docs for our Barraba Community Inc because we are running the Frost Over Barraba event this year and we have to send a couple of docs to about 1200 people .

I will have to go on this weekend to get all the work done.

I have ordered some more paper and printer toner cartridges which will be paid for by Barraba Community Inc to enable me to do all the work required.

Chico's problem has affected me

Monday , 26th March 2012

I got sticky beaks on one of my socks when I was clipping the hedge today. Chico is still coming back to us with sticky beaks in his fur. I guess he is getting them in our garden.

I now realise that we have sticky beak weeds in our garden even though they are hidden. in the hedge. When I get some more available energy I will try and find them and kill them with a weed killer spray.

A Great Red Cross Calling Project

Yesterday I spent nearly four hours driving round some of the southern part of Barraba visiting houses to collect donations to the Red Cross on our Red Cross Calling Day.

I was impressed at our great results this year, a good deal more than we got last year, even though we only had three members in the team, all executives, but we had four adult volunteers and four school children volunteers. It was a wonderful project. I have been asked to put a report in the local paper when I get the necessary information from one of my colleagues.

Our cat Chico has a big problem

Sunday , 18th March 2012

His fur which earlier had been shortened by the Vet has grown very long. He commonly has some kind of burs in his fur. They sometimes get left in our carpet but I just pick them up and put them in the rubbish bin.

The day before yesterday he came back home covered by many bad burs, sticky beaks which hook onto his fur.

Sticky beaks are very irritating because they hook onto your clothes whenever you brush past the plant which has lots of these seeds which have very sharp hooks on them.

The sticky beaks on Chico had got onto lots of the furniture on the back deck and we had a hard job cleaning them up.

We tried to brush his fur to get rid of the other sticky beaks but he was very unhappy with the irritation and the pain this caused. We had to deny him access into the house because he would have cause a major problem for us.

I did a search around the area for stick beak plants. We used to have some in our garden but I had got rid of them all. I found a very large number of the plants down the Orchard Lane, just one block away from our place. I realised that the plants were quite tall so they wouldn't have affected Chico but I found some of the plants were lying down on the ground in a gap in the fence which led into a lawn behind the house. I guess that Chico had been going through that gap in the fence to get onto that lawn and I realised that he could had suffered from all the sticky beaks on these fallen plants. I picked these plants up to stop that happening again.

We have decided to take Chico to the vet to get him treated for this problem. We hope that the vet will be able to make this problem go away.

We took him to the vet but they didn't want to shorten his fur because winter with some frosts is coming. We were asked to deal with all his burs with a comb. We have been doing this and he is now free of burs so we are happy to let him into the living room when we are both there.

Revised: Wednesday 21st March 2012

More renovation

Tuesday , 13th March 2012

I had to do a fair bit of work in the last two days to get a new door fitted to our bedroom.

The old door didn't have a knob which worked so we had to use an ocky strap to keep the door shut so that the cat couldn't go into the bedroom when we weren't there. Some time ago he had taken a dead bird into the bedroom and eaten it under our bed so we needed to keep him out.

The new door is pretty good and makes this control of the cat much easier.

Wonderful results at the Barraba Show

Sat, 3rd March 2012

Today I had to go to work on a Junior Red Cross stall at the Barraba Annual Show. I had to do some of the set up work and I did some item selling and I displayed and sold to kids some of the paper windmills we had had made by the juniors at school last year for our last year's street stall. I also had to do all of the unsetting at the end of the day.

Because we had four other volunteers working on our stall, I was able to spend some time looking through the exhibition of craft, photography, and vegetables with lots of certificates of prizes. Jean and Sarah had both got several First Prize certificates and Jean had a sash on a knitted rug which said "Barraba Show Most Successful Exhibitor". Kelly had several certificates on her photographs including one First Prize certificate .

I was most impressed with the quality of all to contribution to the exhibition but was so pleased that my family had so many good results.

Revised again: Sun, 4th March 2012


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